Word Verification

I’m fed up with word verification. I’m tolerating it when I make comments on blogs at Blogger. But, I chose to delete a blog today rather than keep putting up with word verification each time I want to make a post to my own blog. I had only been keeping that blog as a back up and a place to collect articles I wanted to read when I had some time. So, it’s not a huge loss. Much easier to toss a blog than put up with word verification for another month or year. It does get a bit frustrating. If Blogger is giving you a blog they can damn well back off and let you use it.

Luckily there are options like WordPress.com and Blogsome.com if you have word verification stuck on your blog posting change and have the satisfaction of showing Blogger what they can do with their word verification policy.

I know there is a problem with spammers taking over blogs. How do I know? I know because each time I login to Dmoz I see kazillions of them! I wade through the maggoty mess and find a few good blogs in the morass of total spaminfestation. So, I know spam is a problem. However, to allow any jerk to tag a blog as spam is ludicris. You can’t leave it up to the masses (half of whom are spammers or just total jerks) to tag blogs. I bet most of the blogs tagged as spam are just personal blogs, not creating a problem at all. The spam blogs are least likely to be tagged because people just don’t bother.

If you wander into a spam blog you leave. I doubt anyone actually takes a moment to tag it. It’s unlikely anyone thinks about that, they just move on. It’s only the those who want to piss people off that take the time to tag blogs.

It’s all backwards and a really lame ass way to deal with the problem.

The $100 Update

For those who thought I was headed for a life of lying on my back looking at my toes wiggling in the air… no, not quite.

For those who thought this was a one night stand. No, I think even for a one night stand there is some initial personal regard.

For those who thought it was a good way to pay off the credit card… Yes, it would have been. But, I’m a girl. The double standard is alive and well. I am not saying anyone is wrong, not even myself. But, it is different for a woman to take money for sexual acts.

Men would be congratulated, told what a great money making scheme that was and how the heck did they ever find a woman that desperate. Women would be treated differently. Women would be thought of as cheap, dirty and etc. It’s not fair, it’s not reasonable but it’s reality.

In the end, the real reason I did not arrange an hour of boob feeling up for bucks was because it’s not what I really want.

I miss sex, I miss a warm male body beside me but most of all I miss having someone I care about enough to want sex with. To share that closeness and passion and comfort. I honestly don’t think I will find someone again. I just don’t fit into any acceptable moulds of what men want. Yes, I have great tits and ass but they come with a body that isn’t thin or primped or shaved all over. I’m too human for men. Which is so weird to see typed out let alone to type it myself.

I was on some kid’s (kid being a guy under 30) where he wrote a very lengthy survey about “Are you the Perfect Woman”. I’m very imperfect when it comes to having the right look. Yet, that was all he was looking for. Ironic, he wants a Barbie, a woman made of plastic, hollow inside. That would be all he’d want. No need for a brain, no need for a real body or a heart, spirit or mind of any kind. What matters is the outside.

I could change and become the perfect woman, I have the tits and ass. If I worked on it I could lose enough weight to be a smaller size. I could wear make up, high heels and so on. The problem is that I’m not hollow inside. I will not change that.

So… bite me. I’ll be an old, lonely Aunt. But, I will be me.

Bite me. Those guys who want a hollow woman will likely be old lonely Uncles too. The supply of hollow women is limited to Barbie dolls and blow up sex dolls. Go to town boys.

I Can't Resist a Banner that Says Arrgghh

What is BlogMad? They don’t really tell you much about it. Some babble about increasing your traffic. That doesn’t really matter a whole lot for a personal blog. It’s all just for the amusement of myself and anyone who wanders around here. I don’t demand attention, I’m not high maintenance, much.

Anyway, I joined from another site. Kind of tricked into signing up/ registering before I knew anything about it. I thought it was just another directory. Now, I don’t know what I’ve gotten into. But, what’s the worst that can happen… really… how bad can it be?

Creating Garbage Websites on Purpose

Here is a blog all about spamming, using blogs. As someone who writes content for blogs and etc, and an editor for a web directory which gets a ton of spam garbage just like this every day, reading this makes me want to delete them all, why even bother reviewing them.

But, one trend I have noticed is a new respect for the personal site. Before they were chucked aside like the most amateur self-centred trash. Now, the trash isn’t the personal sites with their rambles and rants and unique graphics. The new trash are the commercial and professional sites.

I’ve always favoured the personal sites. But now I have a tendency to disfavour the commercial sites, whereas I used to have no real opinion either way. These days I’m harder on them and look into them a lot more before deciding whether or not to list them.

If they keep flooding the Internet with garbage eventually it will just be one big dump and there will be nothing to come for. But, they don’t care. If they cared they wouldn’t be such users in the first place.

Canadian Driver zine

Canadian Driver

I was thinking about road rage today. Some people really are getting out of hand about it. Last night on the news they had a short blab about it. There are two cases from this past year, just in my area (about an hour out of even the extreme edge of anything that can be called Toronto). Both cases have people who are still being treated for injuries in road rage cases, one happened in April and the other July. That’s months ago and police are still handling them, people are still healing from them. That’s crazy.

People who tend to get that angry should not be driving. They should also learn that not everything is about themselves.

“That car cut ME off.” Did they really cut you off? Or did they just goof up and try to get moved over into another lane. Was it really personal? Did they get to know you first and then cut you off. Don’t make it all about you. You just happened to be there.

The only time I get annoyed while driving is when people drive too close behind me. I drive an older car (older than any children alive as children become teenagers at the age of 13, cars just become relics). That car isn’t always happy about being on the road. Sometimes it doesn’t feel all too eager to speed up after the red light, sometimes it is quite happy to drive AT the speed limits. Usually we are both pretty happy about that part, I don’t want a ticket. Anyway, I often get people driving behind me who try to push me to go faster. Go around me people. Don’t try to make me do something I don’t want to do, don’t be a road jerk. You have options other than shining your headlights in my face or trying to read the tag on the back of my shirt. Go around and get lost.

There, all my road rage has been released now. I feel so much better. Luckily I didn’t have to go anywhere today. I didn’t even go out to uncover the car from the snow that avalanched down upon us last night. Poor car, I’m so glad I don’t live outside all year.

Refine Your Online Image

Article at Monster.ca

Online Dos

* Use Smart Subject Lines in Emails: Something like “hello” won’t get much attention; in fact, it may doom your email to a junk mail folder. Take the time to write thoughtful, specific email subject lines. “Kudos to your team” is a far preferable subject line to “great” on a congratulatory email to a former colleague. And remember: Don’t write in all caps to get attention. That’s the equivalent of shouting.

* Use a Signature File: If well-constructed, this can be a terrific calling card — a way to highlight your job title, company, and contact info. If you have a Web site, a “sig file,” as it’s often called, lets you direct people to it.

* Think Before You Hit Send: Job prospects have been torpedoed by sending incomplete, in-progress emails. Don’t hit send until you’re sure you’re ready. If necessary, disable the automatic sending function. Spell-check and proofread emails. Keep things simple: Avoid smiley faces, fancy fonts, and rainbow colours.

* Be Careful When Posting to Online Forums: Blogs, message boards, forums, and other online venues provide great ways to connect. Just watch what you say, as your words will likely be there forever. You may want to call another blogger an idiot — or worse — but employers may not appreciate a worker inclined to spread invective across the e-waves.

* Keep Your Personal Information Fresh: If you have a personal Web site or blog or other personal information stored at publicly accessible places online, be sure to keep it up-to-date. Especially with blogs and Web pages, outdated information may convey the impression that you start projects and don’t complete them.

Online Don’ts

* Be Too Familiar: Email may seem informal by nature, but that doesn’t mean you should address hiring managers by first name. Follow their lead in how formal or informal you should be when communicating online. And whatever you do, don’t write in all lowercase (“i really think i’m right for this job”) just because that’s your style when emailing friends. Follow the rules of grammar and style for business communications.

* Build Junk: You may want your own blog, Web page, or online photo album, but think before you build. You don’t want to show off your tattoos, rant and rave about every topic under the sun or otherwise create sites that might embarrass you when a potential employer Googles your name.

* Instant-Message When You Should Call: With so many forms of communication now available (phone, cell phone, email, instant messaging, beeper, etc.), make sure you contact people the appropriate way. Just because someone’s IM user name appears on her business card — the one you got at a networking event — doesn’t give you carte blanche to message her in the middle of the workday.

* Bad-Mouth Your Employer: Even if you loathe your current or former employer, resist the urge to lambaste the company online. You may think you’re posting anonymously, but what you say will sometimes signal who you are, maybe without you realizing it. Employers don’t want to hire someone who is likely to berate a company or its managers online.

* Use Stupid, Pornographic or Otherwise Immature Email Addresses: Save this form of self-expression for your friends.