The Meaning of Grrl

There are probably people out there who see ‘grrl’ and think I’m just a really bad speller. I’m a fairly good speller actually. Grrl is not a typo (a typographical error, for those who stopped to wonder). Grrl is a fun way to say girl when you mean woman but don’t want to go into all of that. You see, woman is such a complicated word. Being a woman is hard enough without actually calling yourself a woman all the time. It’s simpler to just not think about it all at once.

So someone invented Grrl. It may have been Bonnie, I’m not 100% sure if she started the word itself or was just the first one to pick it up as a web domain. I’ve met Bonnie, online. She does justice to Grrl. She’s fun and yet not an air head. She’s doing things, accomplishing things and getting somewhere. She’s a Grrl and a woman. But, grrl just takes off some of the pressure of being a woman.

You see, women are supposed to be Super. That’s super with a capital ‘S’ you notice. Not just any super. Super Woman! It is not easy being Super. You don’t get many days off, none really. You don’t get to hide in bed and cover your head and pretend the world went away. You don’t get the chance to do-over, use the backspace key or shift the workload. Super woman has to do it all, every day. Who can be that?

Grrls are imperfect and glad of it. We still have our personal power, our goals and our great moments, we just get to take the odd day off, goof up sometimes and have a lot more fun. Grrls are not girls however, don’t be confused. Girls are children. Grrls are women, just not crushed into the weight of the Iron Maiden of woman.

Writing with a Pick

What do you write about when you have absolutely nothing to say? If you blog or write a regular column somewhere you will eventually hit a dry spot. Maybe you’re just not having a very good day. Maybe you’re just not in the mood to write. Maybe your idea file fell off the fish tank and got too wet to read. So many things can happen.

I’ve been there, a few times. With a personal blog you can just say “bite me” and leave it unspoken for that day, that week even. But, if you’re expected to write something on schedule you have to come up with something.

I think the worst I did (so far) was write about being a nose picker and the other one I wrote about having after the shower hair picking. Neither is a pretty picture. But, I wrote them. Both got feedback, from others who have been in those picky situations. Some were just surprised that I’d write about THAT! So, I did get a laugh out of shocking or at least surprising people.

I think a writer should keep a stockpile of ideas. But also a secondary stockpile for those times when you don’t feel like writing, but have to. Maybe you won’t have to resort to writing about nose picking. Or, maybe you will choose that over something even worse.

Good luck.

Tickle: Are you Millionaire Material?

Tickle: Tests, Matchmaking and Social Networking: “Ever thought about buying an SUV and joining a tennis club? You should, because you were made for the elite. We can tell that you enjoy many of the finer things in life, but for some reason you just can’t make the leap to ‘millionaire material.’ Sure, that’s a step down from the top of the money pile, but it’s probably all for the best. Why? Perhaps because, when it comes down to it, you enjoy fun more than money. Cash is all well and good, and we can tell that you’re pretty good at saving your dough when you put your mind to it, but you’d rather spend time outdoors, hang out with friends, or plan your next big trip than drool over your bank balance. After all, what’s money for if you can’t enjoy it?”

Tonight there is a lottery draw with a prize of $30 million. I had to buy a ticket. Wouldn’t it make you always wonder if you never bought one? Sure you could write down some numbers and check them (or never) later. But, you might choose different numbers when you actually got a ticket. Or, worse, what if your numbers won but you didn’t make it offical? How would that feel? I don’t even want to comtemplate it.

So I bought four tickets. One for my Mom, her favourite numbers. Ticket two I phoned my nephew for his number picks. We like to get joint tickets now and then. If we win I’ve promised to share half of it with him. Of course, he doesn’t realize he is under age and thus… ineligible. Still, I’m not a complete bitch. I’d share, something, with him. 😉 The other two tickets were my own numbers. One were numbers I liked and the other just made a neat design on the ticket ballot. How do you pick numbers if you buy tickets?

Anyway, good luck to me (and to all of you should I not be the big winner).

First thing I want to do is buy a new car, one that doesn’t make bad noises. Then I could pay off everything and everyone. Not that I owe a lot. Compared to most people I know I am fricking debt free. But, it bugs me and I think about that a lot. It would be great to have it all gone, permanently and forever. After that I’d pick out a nice little house, a new computer system (plenty of computery good ness but not going overboard). Then, the big trip. Startinng with Russia, Europe and Australia. Extending to South America maybe a stop in Hong Kong (for personal reasons). Then back to my cosy little house to begin renovations. I want the bathroom to be amazing, the shower being the most important thing in that room. It will have so many jets of hot water shooting out you’ll think you’re in a pool, swimming. Next important rooms are the kitchen, the home office and the bedroom. Of third importance would be some kind of family room/ dining room option. Maybe a guest bedroom in case I feel like company. (Eventually I will, probably, though they can’t stay forever!). I want comfortable furniture made of good, solid wood and covered in denim or something vibrant and red. Wood floors with throw rugs, no damn ceramic tile anywhere! Ugh! Those are cold and they break everything that drops on them. Of course, while I was jaunting around the world the renovation crew would have put in a new furnace, electric system, water and roof, etc. All the necessary basics would be updated and improved. I’d never need to feel my house was like driving around in an old car waiting for it to die.

I’m not sure what kind of car I’d get. There are a few that come to mind. I like the new VW bugs, maybe a cheery yellow one or the orange would be nice. Today I saw another kind of car, midsized but very Mustang looking. Not that however, I think. Anyway, whatever car it would be new, mid-sized sedan type and good on gas. Most of all reliable, it will never break down or make rude noises. I will even consider hiring a full time car mechanic, gardener and butler to work around and keep everyting fixed and maintained. It is kind of nice to keep a man around the place. He could have a tidy little cottage somewhere on the grounds.

It would be so nice to win. Small chance of it happening, but someone is going to win. It could be me. Maybe that ticket I bought the nephew will have the lucky numbers.

Dense Forum Practice

Too many people who run online forums and chats are cutting off their own noses.

Have you ever found yourself not allowed to see a site until you register to use it? I really disagree with this practice. It’s dumb!

For you as a person with an email address – you do not want to give your eamil away lightly. Until you have seen the forums or the site how do you know it’s even active, or on topic or worth spending the time to find out. If you can’t see it why register just to see it. There is a chance the site exists to gather email addresses and contact/ personal information and really has nothing (or little) else to offer.

Get real web people. Show the goods before you ask for our information. If the site has nothing to show for itself then you can’t expect people to be eager to join. I never do.

As a site reviewer I delete these type of sites unseen. Just finished doing exactly that with a forum in fact. I’m not willing to play hide and seek with websites.