Self Resignation

I wouldn’t go so far as saying I have found self acceptance, maybe self resignation. After years of never allowing a photo of myself on the web I have now put one up in several places, here on my blog, on my personal site and just now in my Yahoo profile. I’m not leaping for joy but I guess I am ok with it. What other choice is there? Either you change yourself, you drive yourself crazy or you just live with it. I’m among the living.

"The challenge is to say almost nothing, at least very little."

Sagittarius Horoscope for 9/27 – 10/3

This week’s scenario is highlighted by some sharp words that could get your week off to a rough start.

You’re usually the last one to argue, but you may need to stand up for yourself.

Travel may be a bit more complicated than usual.

Short tempers only make the trip longer.

You may, in fact, really be fighting about an old issue.

Take a good look and see if that’s not the case.

Messages come from near and far.

Your inbox will likely be filled with letters to answer, calls to make, and faxes and e-mails that require response.

If you get that brain of yours in high gear, you’ll be able to make all the deadlines.

It’s not that you’re so organized, but rather that your mind can move so quickly when you’re in the flow.

Your intelligence should shine brightly.

Show the world what you can do.

You tend to be straightforward with people.

You may need to use a more indirect approach to sharing and communication.

The challenge is to say almost nothing, at least very little.

You can chitchat without complications, but you should give out important personal and business information only when necessary. Gossip can be very destructive here. Give ’em your best smile, but leave them guessing about the details.

This horoscope provided by Astrology Source. Learn about your inner self, friends, and lovers.

Sagittarius – Your Love Profile

Your positive traits:
Your playful nature brings out the happy inner-child in dates
You’re willing to take risks in love… and reap the rewards
You’ve got a killer sense of humor that gets talking with any hottie you meet

Your negative traits:
Sometimes your sarcasm comes off as biting and abrasive
You can be brutally honest, tactless, and truthful even when it hurts
You’re such a free spirit that you find it hard to commit to one person

Your ideal partner:
Someone high energy who will pick up and out with you whenever
Is creative and fun – thinking of new adventures for the two of you
Is bold… and not afraid to tell you “I love you” early on

Your dating style:
Unpredictable. You never know how the night is going to end up.

Your seduction style:
Daring. You’re always pushing to try something new in the bedroom.
Full of imagination. You’ve always got a new fantasy you’re dying to try.
Spritually driven. Sex for you can be an other-worldy act.

Tips for the future:
Realize that while freedom is great – sometimes a stable relationship is better.
It’s not all about you. Focus on your parnter’s needs every once and a while.
Make up your mind about your parnter, and stick to it. Your fickle will ruin things otherwise.

Best place to meet someone online:

Where there’s tons of flirting and fun to suite your inner extrovert

Best color to attract mate: Purple

Best day for a date: Thursday

The Queens' Closet: Little Something for the Guys

The Queens’ Closet: Little Something for the Guys

In particular, the Johnny Light.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THAT NOT-QUITE-PERFECT GUY IN YOUR LIFE–The JOHNNY LIGHT illuminates the bowl when the seat is up–good for us in so many ways–first, we are alerted to the danger and we don’t fall in–this is enough for us to want it. It also gives the guy who suffers from, shall we say, Loose Cannon Syndrome–a well-lit target to aim for–this is also good for us on account of, realistically, how many of them clean the bathroom on a regular basis? And–the guy who invented it is a close personal friend of our very own Kacey Jones! And it’s only 12 bucks!

I don’t know who the Sweet Potato Queens are but this should be on the Christmas list of every married or attached (to a male) woman.

Queen Power

Grab the Queen Power: Live Your Best Life! –

I want ALL women to take up their scepters, don their tiaras and rightfully claim their thrones. In my all-powerful opinion, I believe transforming yourself into a queen means finding your own stream of inner wealth—independence, self-understanding and courage. Being Queenly, then, means nothing less than reaching your highest potential! Here’s what I think. Embracing the Queen archetype is a means to obtaining personal authentic power—just what we all need and deserve! Keep in mind, I am taking liberties here and asking you to step outside the traditional definitions of the Queen (or at least the definitions that we’ve heard in fairy tales, right?). Here, you’ll find a rewrite of the outdated queen model. Ah yes, it’s good to be a queen. Join me in the Queendom, grab the Queen Power and live your best life!

I have a domain again. Nothing there yet as I am working on it tonight and tomorrow. I want to have my personal stuff and a site for other women working in retail: cashiers and etc. It’s not an easy job and it seems we should have some place to chat, compare experiences and whatever comes along.

I’m happy to have a place to put my site again. I just couldn’t proudly give out the Geocities page I stuck up. I didn’t even have much interest in keeping it updated.

Anyway, coming soon…