Nudity in Ruined City Landscapes

Sasha Kurmaz is a Kiev-born photographer. In his 2013 book, Concrete & Sex, the artist reveals that his personal interest in architecture stems from his graffiti background, where he trekked the city in search of good locations for his art. “While walking, I kept looking over the city. This is the magic of these brutal shapes; functionality, and a frank expression of materiality,” he says. “During these trips I have always done pictures to remember the place and go back at night to paint – sometimes I just shoot the landscapes of the city.”


I Bought Little People

I don’t shop online (on eBay) much so it seems a bit like an event when I do. Today I bought two sets of miniature figures from model train sets. I’m planning to use them for street diorama photography. It might be especially interesting now that we have so much snow outside.  These are the photos from the eBay ad. I hope this is pretty much what they will be like when they arrive.



Metro Global Photo Challenge: Urban Jungle

You could win a trip to Paris and have your photos seen by more than 23.1 million Metro readers across four continents! Metro Global Photo Challenge is an international digital photography competition. Its aim is to promote budding photographers and provide the winners with the chance to go pro. This year’s theme is “Urban Jungle”. The closing date for entries is October 26th. Enjoy, and good luck!

If you look at the image I screen captured notice on the bottom how it lists Quebec as a country, seperate from Canada. Kind of odd. You might have to be Canadian to understand why this is odd.

Famous Photographer Quiz

Which famous photographer are you?Henri Cartier-Bresson: Known for street photography and photojournalism“We are passive onlookers in a world that moves perpetually. Our only moment of creation is that 1/125th of a second when the shutter clicks, the signal is given, and motion is stopped…” Personality Test Results
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Which time and place do you belong in?

Paleolithic Ages

You belong at the dawn of man, you are strong and innovative, and love the outdoors (Possibly enjoy spelunking as well)

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