Lawyers Behind a Mask

The kingdom’s first generation of female lawyers is providing women with access to the law.

Source: Saudi Women Realize Their Rights – The New Yorker

I honestly would not trust or hire a lawyer I could not see. I really doubt anyone else would feel differently. How much are you really willing to risk of your own life, business or safety just to be politically correct?

Keep an Open Mind?

I came to a site called OpenMind from my latest blog space renter, KizzyKim. Open Mind is another politically correct site about being perfect and accepting everything. How nice. Yet, how silly.

Why should we accept everyone and everything? Keep some prejudices, don’t become some kind of blank book where you have no memory of things which happened in the past and no reasons for being careful or judgemental. I don’t like the happy pill swill sites like Open Mind. They expect us to swallow and regurgitate back out some mindless drivel about how everyone is equal and should have full rights and nothing held against them. That is buloney. You can’t go through life wearing blinders. You also shouldn’t go through life expecting everyone has taken the same happy pill each morning.

I don’t agree with some things which are politically correct in society now. I’m not going to change that, it’s based on my experience and how I feel about the world and the people on it. I’m not about to go around burning people or beating them up. But, I’m not going to smile and pretend everything is just fine and okay with me. I have some standards, ideals and opinions of my own.

What about you? If you are truly honest with yourself, do you really agree with all the politically correctness we are told to accept? What do you accept, what do you tolerate and what do you grind your teeth about yet say nothing?

I think the most interesting thing about all of this is that once you give freedoms and acceptance to one group of people (Pagans, gays, gun lovers, little green aliens, etc) you have to take some freedom and acceptance away from another group (think smokers and non-smokers). So, all this open mindedness is really a sham. It doesn’t exist, but it does look really nice on paper, newspapers, magazines, TV shows and movies.

Damaged Mind

I don’t know if it’s possible or just fanciful. But, since having the trunk of my car bonk my head the other day I have been not quite all together here. I’ve also been melancholy. When it first slammed into my head I cried all the way into the house. It was silly but I couldn’t help it.

Anyway, my head is sore and I can’t seem to snap out of this mood. Maybe if I actually go to bed before dawn… It’s not that I’m not tired. I just got involved with things and even though most of me wants to go to bed… here I am.

I am tired, I can feel it all through my body. That almost 40 year old tired thing. One day I will be a really old lady with those whiskery hairs on my chin. You know the kind you can see a block away. It’s so unfair. I’m not really this old. I think I got put into the wrong body shell, as if someone traded without asking my permission or explaining in full all the downsides to taking this body. It just can’t be mine. I’m sure my real body is still twenty something and out dancing, wearing something fire engine red and tormenting all the poor young bastards who will grow up to be poor old bastards.

Men generally just suck. I know it’s not nice to say so. It’s not politically correct, it’s not fair and it’s not even something I’d usually say out loud or in print. But, come on… it seems they are all looking for a replacement Mommy with boobs they are allowed to suck on even though they are long past the age of bottles and diapers. If there are any good ones they have long ago been taken and we are left with the dross of male humanity. Whine and bitch at me if you want… you’ll only proove my point.

Surely there must be the odd man left… somewhere. Not a Prince Charming phoooey deal but a man. Just a man. That simple and that complex. One who can spell enough to keep from appearing uneducated. One who not only has a job and does his own laundry and cooking (not microwaveable goo). One who likes conversation. A man who actually wants another person in his life. Not an unpaid maid, sex worker or psychiatrist – a woman with all her faults, warts and goodies.

No, I don’t have warts. Smart ass. I knew you’d have to ask, GK. GK is code, she knows who she is.

Well, good night. I think my head is falling off. I’m going to rest my ear on the pillow.