A Sophisticated Plain Text Profile


The site opens with an ASCII font header.

Then there are some images. I especially like the globe and the other looks like a flying saucer hovering over the ground. (Put your own spin on it). globeasciiart

I like these because they are more than the line ASCII art I make. These are code, a programming language, as images. If you know the program you would be able to read the language.


At the bottom of the site, a footer created with an ASCII art photograph (colour added) and plain text used for links to social media and email. Then a logo in text and his name. I like it, a sophisticated site.

Via: aem1k.com

Curiousity and Self Discipline

This was from an old profile I wrote for the BackWash site. It may have been the first one I wrote there. I thought it was pretty clever. The site is gone, I found it via the Internet Wayback Machine,  so I’m saving it here.


Life endlessly intrigues me. I have so much curiousity that I had to remove all my self discipline just to give myself room to think.

Art Theft at Second Life

This is my original wedding ASCII art, from my ASCII art gallery – ldb ASCII Art

My ASCII art stolen (with my artist initials removed and not even so little as a  link back to me) and stolen by someone who doesn’t even know how to make it look right. I happened to find this by chance tonight. I was updating and searched Google for wedding ASCII art just out of curiousity. When I noticed my own wedding ASCII art (art I made for MY OWN WEDDING!!) I know I had never done it with a black background. I looked at the source and there it is, available for sale for $25!!! How nice of her!!!! I tracked down the woman from a link on her Second Life profile and I sent her a note via her own website, Nikki Lynn Design.