Gallery is Uploaded

ASCIIskyscraperadI have my gallery up. It’s a mess, lots of duplicated images. I will get to work on tidying it up and more importantly, re-doing images for size. Now I can really see how they didn’t work when I tried CafePress, Zazzle, etc. I’m going to work on creating my art in bigger sizes, dimensionally and artistically. Sort of a meeting in the middle between making bigger pictures and creating them as bigger images using software. (I know what I mean).

Let me know what you think about the gallery.

Note, there are no text files. The software does not upload anything not an image file. I’m not really keen on giving free access to my text files anyway. So, I will likely upload them in a directory of their own and limit access. I doubt most people will care. Then I still have all the set up and art to do for the email postcards, which are on yet another sub-link I haven’t posted yet.

I made an ad campaign on Project Wonderful today too. I don’t know what traffic that may bring. It’s likely not the best ad, for SEO, or anything else. But, it’s alive and I will see how it goes.

So much to do and this is only one site. I’m also uploading all my urbex photographs to WreckyRatBird, should you care to look.

Ding! You Win… A Dollar!!!

I have Word Grrls on Project Wonderful. I just checked the account today and it has crossed the one dollar mark. How will I spend my new income? Oh, don’t be crazy… I’m not spending a penny.

I don’t do stock market games or reality cause I’m an excessively obsessive and bad risk taker when it comes to games of chance. I also don’t like reading or obeying a lot of rules. After all, rules just complicate things. But Project Wonderful has been my own penny ante stock market. I didn’t have to invest any real money. Just stuck the code up and keep remembering to go in there and check for pending bids.

It took off at a rough start. I felt a bit slimed at the starting gate. I didn’t read all the rules so I didn’t fix my price per ad to anything. So it was zero, no cents at all. Today is different. I’m out of the penny race and into a nickle. I have two ads from the same blogger, running at five cents each. That was the ad that pushed me over from cents into dollars.

Project Wonderful isn’t amassing me a fortune. I didn’t expect it would. I hoped it would be fun, something new to learn to stimulate my brain and keep me a little longer away from becoming senile, and it has done that. I’m not pulling it from Word Grrls. I’m not concerned about adding it to That Grrl any time soon. I might, out of interest to compare how each blog does.

If you are interested in trying Project Wonderful I endorse it. But go in with real expectations. If you want big money robbing a bank would be a faster method, a bit risky though. Project Wonderful will show you some new blogs and eventually give you a dollar to add to your next fancy coffee purchase, but it won’t make you rich.

Project Wonderful

I didn’t think much of Project Wonderful when I first began to notice it on various blogs. I don’t think much of most sites which claim to give payouts to bloggers. They all seem to never actually get to the point where they pay out a cent. But I put it up on Word Grrls and so far, I have made 4 cents with PW, literally overnight. Four cents isn’t much but at this rate I could actually see a pay out. That would be a change!

I’m considering adding it to this blog as well. Working on a new layout at the moment so it can wait till that is done.