Pippi Longstocking Christmas

I was looking for something for Pippi Longstocking and Christmas, thought I might get lucky as I did when I looked for Raggedy Ann and Christmas the other day. I found a nice book cover for a Pippi Christmas story and then I found Sarah’s Sketches through another site which had posted her drawing of Pippi. It’s charming and the expression on her face is timeless, so much the mischevious child. So I’m posting all my Pippi Longstocking findings and adding the link to Sarah Mensinga‘s website.

8 Things Meme

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The rules:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.

3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’ve been tagged, and to read your blog.

– I’ve been an illegal alien. Eventually married my American guy and then divorced and came back home to Ontario.

– I like to wear deep, dark red on days when I feel less than great and would rather crawl into the woodwork than be seen in public. Wearing red gets noticed and usually by the end of an hour I’m feeling at least a little better and not so invisible.

– Living in the US a couple of years with their dishwater version of coffee spoiled my coffee tastebuds. I use more cream in my coffee than I did before, even though I’ve been back in Canada for about 6 years now. I’m trying to use less cream but I still don’t like coffee that isn’t’ on the light side.

– I frequently daydream. Where other people may keep literature in the bathroom I just keep my thoughts. Showers are good for that too.

– I still have the grey haired Raggedy Ann doll my Mom made for me when I was a kid. Sometime in my late 30’s I even started buying her dresses from the kid’s clothes at GoodWill.

– I taught myself how to crochet and then didn’t do it for awhile and now can’t remember the part of crocheting granny squares that had me stuck the first time.

– I’ve been told by a few people that I have a good eye for spotting little things and getting things centred. But like most things I might be good at I belittle it and don’t give myself credit.

– I really like watching Canadian TV shows, even the really dorky ones. (Not violent stuff.) My favourites are the comedies and science fiction.

I’m not going to tag anyone. I’m just a rule breaker that way. Besides, I think mostly everyone I can think to tag has done this meme before, if not recently.

Kicking Around the Dust Bunnies

There are several crafty related projects I could pull out and get back to work on, rescuing them from the dust bunnies who have been keeping them company since my divorce about 5 years ago. Kind of sad to admit it has been five years and doesn’t it seem that using the divorce as an excuse for anything should be limited to just one year, not five? Anyway, that’s how it is.

I’m going to take a photo of the Raggedy Ann in progress and see if that doesn’t inspire me to get back to work on her. She has a face, I think. I seem to remember doing the embroidery way back then. I did find my old sewing box and her and her pattern and such inside of it. Once upon a time I even had a really nice and simple pattern for a teddy bear. Not that I have any kids to give them too. My neices have more toys than they care for as it is. My nephew is 12 and probably would like anything I made for him but is likely too old for stuffed animals and far too boy for a dolly, even if Raggedy Ann and Andy are classics.

I guess I could sell them but that seems crass. I don’t know why. I guess it’s to do with appreciating finishing (if I finish it) one of the many projects I have started. I have so many things like this I no longer want to take on anything new or make any kind of promises to anyone. I would like a responsibility free life. But that isn’t practical and would be kind of boring and lonely too. So, plug on.

Crochet, Sewing and Crafty Grrl in General

I want to get back to doing more crafts. I used to crochet granny squares but now I have forgotten how. My new roommate knows how to sew so I can finally get someone to help me learn how to use the sewing machine I got for Christmas just before the divorce. I was using it for a short time and doing ok. Can’t even remember how to thread it now. If it’s a choice of getting old or getting stupid I pick old. 😀

Might make plans for a crafty weekend my next couple of days off. Bring out those masses of buttons, the Raggedy Ann pattern and the half finished doll I was making a few years ago, find the sewing machine which was put away somewhere during the most recent move. I’d like to get making things again. Finally learn to use the sewing machine. I’ve got a great pattern for a dress suit to make, in jersey fabric so it is stretchy and comfortable for a plus size dame like myself. Also has the plus of being very washable too. I’m not a fan of taking anything to the dry cleaners.

Ragged and Bloody

There just isn’t much else to say. I’m on the generic version of the aforementioned drugs today. Oh joy. It’s the Toronto BookCrossing meet up tomorrow. Last time I had to cancel due to babysitting. I really want to get out there tomorrow. I had the day all planned. Photos and everything. I should be ok. Just a lot squishier.

The brother wants me to come out to Newmarket for Monday. Maybe we will get out to Alliston and I can pick up the sewing machine I left there in the kitchen. There is a lot of other stuff still there but the brother says I can only bring the machine back here. I am going to see if I can find the fabric and pattern for the Raggedy Ann doll I started a couple of years ago. It would be nice to finish her. I had her face all embroidered and her body parts cut out. I don’t think I did anything more than that. I did have just the perfect fabric for her skin tone too.

I think I could make a nice Raggedy Ann for one of my sister’s daughters. But not sure I want to. They have so many toys and such now and don’t really care (or care for) any of it. Seems silly to make a handmade doll and have it get thrown on the heap, eventually buried under an avalanche of stuff.

My Xmas Decorating

This is as far as I got with decorating for Christmas this year. You can see my Xmas wreath, resting from all the activity. Also, the Raggedy Ann my Mother made me is guarding the Christmas tree, still safely in it’s box, all taped up with the tape I wrapped around it in the year 2000… something when I moved back to Ontario after the divorce. Maybe it’s a sign, or an omen or something like that. Maybe I’m just not meant to open that box till I have a real home to put a tree up in. Or maybe I will do it next year.

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