Good Morning

I’m washing my work uniform. One good thing about having a uniform to wear to work, you always know what you’ll be wearing. I wish I had an extra shirt and pants though. I do have 2 but it would be nicer to have 3. Still, I don’t have to worry about them getting worn out from all the washing. The company provides more shirts and the pants were just cheap polyester.

I work at 3 this afternoon. I’ve been getting some morning shifts, that was really nice. Easier on the car too. I still worry every time the heat gage goes past the second line. No more big problems so far though.

Sounds like someone is back, just walked in the door here so I guess I’m offline until tonight.

Hi Kareem :)

Hi Kareem, I did the newbie thing and replied back to the auto notification email sent through Live Journal. So, you’ll never know what devious little things I said. It was all really fabulously clever too. Not that I can remember any more, but I know it was really good. 🙂

I’m downloading that HTML program for Live Journal tonight. Thanks for the link. I looked at the downloads the other night but decided there were too many to choose from. Besides I only wanted something to do one simple little thing. Anyway, it’s really hot and humid here tonight. It’s starting to cause fogginess in my brain. I know it’s not that I’m tired. I got tired of being tired and I rebelled against the whole tired idea. Now, I’m just… sort of laid back. Yeah, that’s it… laid back. Never tired.

Hair on the back of my neck.

I’m happy to have hair on the back of my neck again. Not growing out of my neck but caressing my neck and the nape of my neck as one’s crowning glory should.

My hair is finally growing out of the really bad short hair cut that everyone else on the planet likes, but me. I will be so glad when it’s long enough to stick back off my face again. I miss using all my little hair clippie things and they miss me too!

Oh, get over it. Hair clippies are cute!

Getting Started

I’ve been missing my blog, being able to post all my raggedy thoughts and links. So here I am.

Now, of course, I have nothing to post really. But, as an introduction…

I’m a freelance writer. I write columns for BackWash, online. If you’re dying of curiousity, or just addicted to URLs (I am) you can visit BackWash here:

I have a site for writers:

That’s a start. If you know me you can list yourself as a Friend. If that’s how it works here. I’m still fumbling and wandering around.


12/28/00 1:31 pm

I can’t keep the shortened forms clear in my head, just too much crammed in there I guess. 🙂

Todd and I just got the next round of paperwork from Vermont (VT?). Mostly, its a questionnaire about all my past work as a spy. 😉 Todd is working on filling it all out. Then, he is planning for me to go to Chicago or wherever and deliver it all. Is there an interview then? I really thought I was finished with the solo part of this. But Todd cant really take more time off from work. I feel kind of lost in paperwork. I don’t know what part we are working on now.

Hope you will all be having a nice New Years. If you aren’t married or with your fiance make sure you spend the time with your family well. Later you will have all the time you want with him/ her and only phone calls with your family.

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Wait for Interview

Wait for Interview
11/19/00 10:18 pm

I sent in the checklist a week ago. How long does it usually take to hear back from Montreal? I was really hoping to have the interview and border crossing done this month. Not that I’m sure I want a December wedding or to miss all the holidays here with everyone I know. 🙁

Won’t it be so nice when all this is over and we can live like real human beings again. 🙂

I also feel trapped by this. I’ve felt that way since March though. It does seem that if I can just get to the honeymoon that things will be ok.

Read more of these old posts – Our Adventures with the Fiancé Visa (2000 – 2002)