ASCII Art & After Effects

ASCII art, pioneered by Victorian female stenographers, has enjoyed brief periods of interest and cobbled together solutions for After Effects, but there’s now easy-to-use AE scripts to speed solutions.


Rich Young, I don’t want to login or register to comment on your post. So I am leaving my notes here. 

First, ASCII art was not invented by Victorian stenographers. That was typewriter art, or text art. ASCII art is included in text art. But, ASCII is literally in reference to computer keyboards, not text or typewriters. Text art has been found before the manufacturing of typewriters. Later there also came to be teletext art and ANSI art and others but this is likely more than you really care to know.

Secondly, the type of ASCII art created by software is flawed. Most people think of this as ASCII art but I think it is just a rendering of a photograph or other original image. Directly copying is not art, it’s just copying. The images produced by computer lack the precision which an artist learns to use to create ASCII art. 

For me I can almost accept the computer rendered images as ASCII art but it does bother me that the skill developed to create ASCII art is so easily brushed aside with comments like “anyone can do it!” 

Anyway, chances are only myself will read this (I’m a realist) but at the very least writing it will perhaps someday become part of the archives of Internet history and someone else will one day care about it too.