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First, there isn’t anything weird about me. It can all be perfectly explained. There is a reason for everything and everything in it’s place. If there is something weird then it’s just your own point of view. That, or I meant to do that.

Designing Fairy has tagged me to find seven weird things about myself and then torment… I mean tag seven other blogfolk to do the same.

1. I buy a lot of books and seldom read them. I do read and recycle the fiction. But I have masses of non-fiction books which are almost all bought new and still have that new book smell. I may never read them. But, I like having them and I really am interested and often involved with or learning the subjects the books are about. I think it makes me feel happy and full of possibilities when I buy them. But, once I get them home they just intimidate me with the idea of trying to be as perfect as they think I should be.

2. I like animals and yet I don’t really want them near me. Cats are the only exception but even cats live outside. I don’t share my home with livestock willingly. There may be the odd insect who just creeps in, putting their life in peril.

3. I’m a quiet Earth Witch. I don’t write much about it. I don’t promote it or look for converts. I don’t believe in spells or any gods or worshipping anything. It’s just my own thing and I am happy keeping it to myself.

4. I’m not at all interested in cosmetics, beauty, fashion. I’d much rather look at sheet sets and other things in the bedroom and kitchen departments of stores. I have four sets of cotton jersey sheets in rich, beautiful colours.

5. I seldom talk about the issues because people look at me like I’m crazy when I discuss my opinions and ideas. I don’t agree with the popular opinion very often.

6. I have a really strong fetish for rocks and stones. I also like wood but not nearly as much as stone. I would really like to get to an old stone house and get photos. I saw one while driving last week but did not have time to stop then and it is too far to get back there any time soon.

7. I like telling people too much about myself; I try not to think about it.

Told you I wasn’t weird.

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Witches (Not So) Weekly

What is one item that is sacred to you? (Can be anything, tool, amulet, object, etc)

What holidays or time of year do you consider most sacred to you personally?

Describe your sacred space (can be anywhere, indoors, outdoors, etc):

One item which always feels spiritual and elemental to me are rocks, stones, pebbles and so on. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I like that they feel firm and hard in your hand, worn and created by the Earth and water. There is nothing quite like a rock warmed by the sun. Pavement and sand get too hot but a rock takes the heat and keeps enough or bounces it off enough that you can sit on it even when you run to get there across the burning sand or paved lot. There is just something special about rocks.

St. Patricks Day may be most sacred to me personally. Some of my Grandparents were from Ireland and I miss them. It may not be my favourite holiday on the Pagan or standard calendar but it does have a lot of personal meaning.

I think my sacred space is sitting right here in front of my computer monitor. Coffee mug (huge coffee mug) within easy reach when I stop typing. I have pretty much created an altar right here with something from all the elements. I’ve got a jasper rock on a chain. Wooden beads made into a hair band. Hand cream made from a shop called Fruits and Passion. Hand sanitizer, surely that counts as a water element if the coffee doesn’t do it for you. I’ve got Jann Arden, Bryan Adams, Loreena McKennitt, and Jazz Divas CDs beside my monitor, handy for sticking in the CD player. Couldn’t those count for the wind element as you need sound waves to hear them. Stretching a bit, maybe. Of course fire is covered by electricity powering the whole thing and the lights I’ve got on so I can see what I’m doing down here in the basement apartment. Not a bad altar eh?

Glam Tests

You’re a pear-cut diamond!
You’re outspoken and adventurous, and much like the arresting pear-shape diamond, you epitomize today’s definition of femininity with edge. The rock’s striking shape and complex facets echo your daring personality and symbolize a complementary cut for the contemporary woman. Its sparkling teardrop shape also rocks powers that can lengthen and slenderize fingers.

December: Blue Topaz

December dames looking to improve their fortune or protect themselves from evil can turn to their blue-topaz birthstone. Along with helping to bring in the bucks and ward off all things undesirable, this stunning stone is believed to turn wants and dreams to reality, help you to be well-spoken, and unite the mind, body, and spirit—and look fabulous while doing it. FYI: Turquoise is your backup birthstone.

Engraved Stones: Order Them Now

As much as I like rocks and stones I just can’t see myself paying to have someone etch some blabbering on them. Most of these were pet dedications. They would be nice left in some garden or other. I do have one with a maple leaf carved into it. I don’t think I’d like words, though I did pick out this picture from the website – Old World Stones.

Imperfectly Haired

What if you had no hair? Not cause you were surviving cancer or had that other disease where your hair falls out or just never grows in. What if you just woke up one morning and all your hair was gone, for no real reason. Just gone. Maybe it becomes invisible or it’s all there, on your pillow and among your sheets, just not attached to your head.

Could you cope? Sure, you’d freak out at first. I have no idea what my first thoughts would be. There are so many options.

I’d really miss my hair. I like it. It’s shiny with brown and red streaks, like bronze through it. I really like the way it curls too.

On the plus side I wouldn’t have grey hair. That would be gone too. Not that it’s a great plus, but it is there. A small silver lining.

Of course you could get a wig. But, you’d have that initial wig-getting to get through. It would feel strange to leave the house with a bald head. Even if you wore a hat or scarf over it. Underneath you’d still have that bare skinned head. Even if no one could see it you’d see it yourself, without any mirrors.

It’s funny that the latest trend in grooming expects women to have no hair on their body, except their head. Well, no facial hair other than eyelashes and eyebrows. Someone should invent some other hair removal option. The creams and gels aren’t good for your skin. The shaving doesn’t last long enough and you end up with stubble and skin that’s been scraped raw or at least dry. Wax just seems painful, another female torture. They say it takes the hair a long time to grow back and it becomes weaker, thinner each time. It doesn’t go away though. Lasers and electrolisis (however you spell it) is just too expensive.

If all your hair was gone, the hair from the top of your head I mean, you’d be the opposite of the fantasy woman, the semi-hairless version. Getting dates would be really tough, at least with the Internet dating men crowd. They don’t seem quite into the reality of women, with hair in the wrong places.

I think someone should bring back the Real Women fad. Does anyone else remember that? It came and went like pet rocks. But, I remember. I think about it when I look at the hair that isn’t on my head and the other imperfections that are me.