Stones, Rocks and Shells

I took these this afternoon. I love stones and rocks. The shells are a really nice touch too. Right from the backyard here. I used to have an ‘L’ shaped rock with a fossil on the bended part. I kept it for years cause it was the first letter of my name, so kind of a special rock to find. I don’t know where it is now. Likely outside here in the rockpile too. I should look before I move. It would be easy for it to get left behind.

Really a Rock Garden

Graham must like rocks as much as I do. He has them all around his house. The gardens and lawn are huge there but around the house itself are just rocks and a very few cacti. (Yes, cactus in Canada, growing wild and outdoors all year long).

This is a rock picture from his house. I was looking forward to the rock pictures at least as much (maybe more) than the rose pictures. But they were the ones I took and goofed up. I did this one yesterday just before the camera decided it was full, 36 pictures were stored on it so that is better than a roll of film which gets 26 if you push it. Anyway, I will take more rock pictures next time I drive down there. This one I will keep but I will crop it before using it as desktop background.