How to Really Make Money from Blogging?

In reply to Ben’s post about money making online:

The click me ads are never going to make big money cause they have had their time and now it’s gone. People don’t even look at the ads any more. Sidebar content may as well not exist unless it is something personal. I do find people notice my flickr badge which shows photos I have taken. But, the rest of the stuff on my sidebar may as well just be there for me. Which, most of it is.

I used to think the best way to use the Internet was the traditional way, the Information highway. But the highway is clogged up with billboards and you can’t always find the highway through the signage.

Freelancing is great. If you can do that. I freelance but do not find the Internet useful in this. No one ever found my resume online except those who came to spam my email. So, not exceptionally useful.

These days I think the best way for a company/ business to use the Internet is to give information about themselves, offer sales/ coupons and such. But, don’t hope people will find you. Bring the people to your site. Offer the link on business cards, flyers, and so on. The Internet can be information storage. The highway is just a traffic jam now.

What do you Regret as a Blogger?

This was the title of a post in Blog Tipz: What do you Regret as a Blogger?

I wrote:

I think it is an interesting question. I don’t have an answer at the moment. I’ve been blogging since 1998 and still think of it as free expression more than a business. Really can not see blogging as a business at all in fact. It is still the media, not the actual business. The business is get rich quick, publishing or sales.

If I regret anything it would be that I didn’t start sooner or more specifically, that I didn’t spend more time on learning the technical side when I had more time and far more knowledgeable contacts through blogging. Nowadays you rarely get anyone to give a real reply through email. I used to get all kinds of feedback and information from other bloggers who were far more creative and accomplished technically than I am.

What do you regret, if anything?

Sentimental about PC Dinosaurs

Why are we sentimental about old electronics? I’ve seen them at the Goodwill, those thick monitors side by side, the old towers with their dirty keyboards leaning against them and the mouse dangling like a spider. I’ve seen photos taken by others who have found old computers, video game consoles and assorted technological anatomy discarded on sidewalks, rummage sales, tossed out of windows. It’s funny that they bring more feeling than the other debris, the general run of the mill stuff like cracked dishes, beat up furniture and half-dead clothing.

It’s funny that we do care. I get a funny feeling seeing those discarded dinosaurs, unwanted and hopeless. Of course, they have no thoughts about the whole thing. Whatever emotions or passion they ever had were from the people using them. Maybe it’s because they became something more than a hunk of plastic, a tool. They became familiar, like a family pet you give attention to every day, worry about when it’s sick and feel happy spending quality time together.

Still, they are totally useless now. Unless you can make some kind of modern art with them, deconstruct them and build a new system using some of the old parts. Those old clunky monitors are too far gone though. But, they could make a very unique fish bowl for your goldfish. So there is always hope, if you really want to save your old PC.

Christmas Spirit

Even with all the frustration going on these days I am getting kind of excited and happy about Christmas this year. It’s been awhile since I really felt like getting out the Christmas tree and finding what I can of my surviving decorations. Some old and some new this year too.

Maybe I will get the car and license stuff worked out somehow. By Christmas it will be resolved one way or the other. Hope Sherry and I can get together for the baking which I have been looking forward to since last year when we made cookies.

My favourite Christmas thing is the tree and then the carols. The Christmas music was spoiled for me awhile with working in the store and hearing it as soon after Remembrance day as they could get it. It blends in with the background and isn’t anything special when you hear it everyday for weeks and weeks. I wish stores could hang on and wait till at least December 1st. I guess they are just paranoid about sales and can’t wait to get started. After Christmas is a great time for shopping, that’s when I enjoy actually buying anything. But I love going out to the malls now. I love the decorations and the music too when I only listen to it all as long as I want to versus being there for an eight hour shift each day.

How are you feeling about Christmas this year? Someone at work says he hates it. I think it’s really sad that he lets commercialism spoil it all for him. But, that is his choice. If you focus on one aspect and exclude all else… you will never see all the other great things about it which are still here. There is Christmas Spirit and I do believe in Santa Claus. Santa is as real as each of us, as real as the holiday spirit and the decorations at the mall and the lights on houses, businesses and along the main street in town. Santa isn’t a person, it’s a sense of happiness, optimism and goodwill which we choose to have (or not).

Choose well and for heavens sake…. put up your tree, soon!

I’ve Done My Time

First day of the new job today. It isn’t so different from the work I was doing on cash at Zellers. But, It pays a LOT better and I don’t have to stand there like some moving target all day long. The next two weeks I am making $10 an hour for the training and then I’m getting $11 an hour with the prospect of a quarterly raise (40 cents an hour). That is much better than Zellers. I went into Zellers at the end of today and bought a new alarm clock. I spent more than I would have on a Zellers grrl wage. It felt nice. I wanted to tell some of those sales associates to pack it in and go apply at NuComm. But, someone has to work at Zellers, I did my time there.

Things are getting sorted out after the move. Sort of.

Looking at that old photo of myself I feel more inspired to try losing weight again. I think it will have to wait till November when my Mother is likely to be gone back down to Florida again. We seem to be eating buddies and it’s not good for losing weight.

She suggested getting me a car once I had a job here in Barrie. I would pay her back as if it were a bank loan. Having a car would be excellent, though a big expense. I just can’t see myself not having one and not being able to drive out to Newmarket to see family there or take road trips for more old and abandoned houses. So, a car is important.

Analyzing your Home Business Competition

Steps of Analyzing your Home Business Competition: “Aaron Wilmont

How to Analyze your Business Competition

As you initially launch your home based business enterprise, it is extremely importany that you analyze your competition in an unbiased fashion, thus gaining insights which will be required for success. This is perhaps the most important portion of your overallbusiness plan, and it is ignored by many upstarts entrepreneurs, sadly enough.

If you are ready to launch your home business, the beginning step is to analyze your competition before your quit your primary job. In fact, you will want to set aside a particular frame of time to look at your competition and gain the essential business ‘intel’. A few of the components that you should directly observe include, but are not limited to, their sales copy, unique competitive advantage and marketing/advertising postion. Do not fail to look at any of these critical areas; it is indeed essential that you cover each one of them. Be certain to talk with your competition whenever you can, realizing that most business owners, believe it or not, really do enjoy discussing their home business ventures since they are so near and dear to their hearts. Really, it is much like parents enjoy discussing their kids in many cases. Just invite another business owner to lunch and be sure it is on you.

Of course, you might be somewhat better off conversing with an out-of-town competitor since you assuredly do not want them to be suspicious regarding another competitor in close range. If your home based business enterprise will be limited to a certain geographic region, then go a bit outside of that region. And be sure to use the power of the internet to spy on your competitors as well. This is quite common nowadays, actually. Services like can really help, and there plenty of others to choose from also. Another way to obtain this kind of data is to buy something from your competitors. You will then recieve their promotional print and/or vouchers, and you will learn what there prices are, which services that they have and how comprehensive their customer service is. If they ship a product, you will learn whether or not they ship their products quickly. This partcular knowledge could give you a major competitive advantage. In addition, you may desire to check out the quality of the products for yourself. You will probably get further insights that you ever could have considered otherwise. If their enterpride happens to be a service, you may easily see the results for yourself. It may be a good idea to be honest about what you are doing when you are going about this market research with your competitors, as you will wish to avoid a bad reputation with them.

Ironically enouph, looking at your home business competitors will give you many great opportunities for self-contemplation. Self-contemplation is simply what you think about yourself and how you define yourself and your business in general.

Remember, Your home based business enterprise might get off to a slow start, steadily adding customers as you become more and more established over time. Of course, it could possibly take off like a storm, rapidly gaining momentum to the point where it simply too hot for you to handle on your own. How well you analyze your home business competition beforehand will have a great deal to do with either of these two outcomes. Keep in mind that all successful businesses analyze their competition both with a startegic mindset and tactical one. As a geanral rule of thumb, in fact, the more scuccessful the firm the more closely they analyze the others in their field.

Aaron Wilmont is a work from home business entrepreneur and runs a home based business matchmaking service. More information at

Enough to Make you Want to Crawl Back into your Little Hole and.. Whimper

I am… being crushed under paperwork. Help! Help! squeak

What percentage of my Net worth am I willing to risk?

Net worth?… Do I have a net worth? Somehow I don’t think so. Oh well then, risk it all! May as well go for broke on this puppy.

Do I have a high energy level?

You mean like, right now? Or can I answer that at about 8:00 tomorrow morning?

Am I a self starter?

Well, seeing as I’m alone here, I think the options are limited to self starting or just not starting at all.

Can I find and recruit personnel who have the skills I lack?

Hahaha!!! Silly paperwork people, as IF… I lack no skills. Whatever I lack was never very important anyway. Just like fixing a watch, you get rid of those extra odd parts as you go along… what were they ever there for anyway?

Do I plan and think ahead?

Actually, I kind of like to start from behind, that way no one ever sees you coming. Surprise the daylights out of them when I’m suddenly just THERE.

Alright, enough fun.

Here are the biggies I have to work on. These are the questions that really make me want to crawl away quietly. But, I’m not. Notice… I’m still here. I just put on a disguise to fool everyone.

Is your product or service in demand and what proof do you have of this demand? Summarize the results of the market research you have done. What opportunities did you find for this business idea?

It’s really easy to summarize my market research at this point. Somehow I don’t think “people think it’s a good idea” will work here.

What features make your product or service unique? What are the benefits to the customer?

Oh pleeeeeaase… isn’t that obvious?!! Me! I am unique and just the honour of being served by me in any small way is a benefit in itself!

What competition, direct and indirect, do you have for the products or services you intend to sell? How are people currently fulfilling the need you propose to fill? Please be specific.

It’s only because I could see how badly I am needed that I started this whole thing. People need me, they just… need me. I’d say more, but I don’t want to get all sentimental and weepy.

What price will you charge and how did you arrive at that price?

It can’t be free. I did consider doing this as a non-profit but there was way too much paperwork. I’ve read about some web designers charging thousands of dollars but I intend to be affordable, no frills and friendly. But, at this point I have no freaking idea about what I will charge. It will be something and it will be worth it.

How will you promote your business? (Remember to include costs in your projected income and expenses).

Actually, I LOVE this question. The rest are scaring me spitless but this one, I just LOVE it! I have endless ideas for self promotion, most free or really cheap. I won’t post them here. I want to keep those ideas tucked away in my cleavage where no one can borrow them.

In your industry, what specific legistlation, regulations, trade requirements, association requirements, legal requirements such as bonding, police checks or other qualifications affect your business?

Just tell them all to leave me alone. Really, just pick on someone else. Can’t a grrl have a little break? Go bug someone else.

What insurance do you require? What level of coverage do you require?

Again… really… go pick on someone who has money.

There are other questions but I have those covered, pretty much. The ones above are the biggies I need to work on this week.

After that there are the really sicko biggie questions about my personal finances, projected growth (and they don’t mean anything like warts), payment terms, cash flow issues, competition analysis, customer analysis, (did you notice how both those words have anal in them, I did), equity worksheet and my personal favourite… 12 month projected sales and expenses. I really need that time machine now.

I am not hyper panicking. I’m just not very mellow at the moment. But, I can do this. It’s not like the paper is going to take on a life of it’s own and suddenly swarm me, swallowing me whole, never to be seen again.

Well… please be kind and recycle me, at least.

She’s Doing it Again…

Yet again, I’m looking at the personal ads online. It’s like something I must do about once a month to torment and abuse myself. Most men don’t bestir themselves to reply. Those that do only write once, to see if I’ll screw them. There is the odd one who claims to have feelings for me. (Based on not knowing me?)

Anyway, this one sounded nice. I do like people watching, spending time online, and yard sales and flea markets. Maybe… He’s actually in Ontario, that’s a step up for me. The last guy I dated was from Vancouver.

About Me: I am only looking for a lady to share my life with.I prefer Full figured women but that is not written in stone.I am a shy quiet sort and can be funny if called for.I love to cuddle and contiually show my affection at home and in public.I am honest and a one woman man.I like to stay in in the winter and sun tan in the summer.I like to read,surf the net and sit in the mall and people watch while drinking coffee.

Looking For: BBW who has a sunny disposition and likes to shop and go to yard sales and flea markets.A woman who takes me as I am.She should be willing to relocate for the right man.