Pond Snails

All the goldfish survived the winter. I was tossing in a bit of fish food and watching them when I noticed a snail in the pond too. How it got there I have no idea. I read that they came come when you buy pond plants. But, we haven’t bought any plants except for one last summer. I counted at least five snails when I looked for them. I don’t know what kind they are or if I should get rid of some, how many are too many? Anyway, interesting to find them living in the pond. If they are purely scavengers they are welcome, tons of dead leaves in the pond for them to feast on. But, if they eat the fresh growth we will have a problem. There are only two waterlilys in our pond and one is pretty sensitive. Anyway, will see how the new tenant works out. I took a photo, if anyone knows what kind of snail it is let me know.

(As always you can click on the photo to see it bigger).

See the World While it's Still Here

Do you ever think like that when you take pictures? I sometimes do. So much of the world is disappearing for all sorts of reasons: environment, population expansion, death, taxes and the passage of time, among others. It’s lucky we can capture things (on cameras) while they are still here, fresh and real. It’s a privilege. Really it is.

Think of how much our ancestors have seen and wished they could save or remember for others to see. People wrote books and drew pictures but it’s only recently (when you consider all the thousands of years) that people have been able to take a photograph and preserve what we see exactly as we see it. Yes, the pictures aren’t perfectly exact but they are near enough to exact that our Grandchildren will be able to see frogs even if they have become extinct by then.

We can show the house we grew up in even if a highway has long since overgrown it. So many other things. I mostly think of nature though. So much of it is already lost. So much more is likely to be lost. When did you last see a garter snake, a frog, a snail? They are much rarer than they were when I was a kid, not hugely long ago.

Take your pictures while ye may.

Leaving for THE interview on Tuesday.

Leaving for THE interview on Tuesday.
12/4/00 2:22 am

What have I forgotten, I can’t breathe, my head is killing me I’m sure its going to explode.

Actually I’m feeling much better now. I had a killer headache all day today as I scurried around getting things. My Mother had the idea that I could send in the checklist before actually having all the bits and pieces together. Its ok, I have everything but the $45 US now. But I have barely started packing and we plan to leave for the border the day after I get back from Montreal.

I know its unlikely there will be a problem. But Todd didn’t have the 3 years worth of income tax reports. There is a reason for that, namely he has only been filing on his own for a year or two now. I do have the affidavit of support, the notarized letter from his bank and employer and the letter from him which had to be faxed here today because it did not arrive in time in the godless snail mail.

I’m not feeling so much panic as I thought I would. Mostly its just needing to get this over with and get on with things that actually matter to my life as a whole. Why does it have to be such a plaguy nuisance to marry someone on the other side of the border. I’m sure its just to make money for them. I’ve read the US to Canada pages and they have a much shorter story about the whole thing.

“Last week Harry proposed. He sent in some paperwork and they faxed back a gold invitation. Today I just gave birth to my third child yet my sister is still waiting for her fiance visa so she can go down and marry her US fiance. I told it would be easier to just stuff him in a suitcase and get on with it.”

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