Sunday Scribblings: Family

With my family it seems everything of mine is up for grabs. I end up hoarding my things in my room then get accused of being a packrat with too much stuff. But, one day all my shampoo is gone. Another day my books have been taken and thrown away. Today the paper I left in my scanner is gone, along with the drawings I had on that paper.

It’s annoying. I don’t understand why they can’t have some respect for my things and the things I like to do. Sure we don’t all value the same things… that doesn’t mean they have no value. So this morning I am just trying not to be really aggravated while I look for my missing drawings. Though I wonder how someone could just think it was ok to walk off with something like that. No doubt it was used for writing down something important to them. Yet, there is other paper which doesn’t have anything on it which they could have chosen instead. Likely they just picked what was easily grabbed than look for anything else.

Sunday Scribblings