The Little People

After being inspired by photos taken of little dolls in peril or just trying to cope in the big world, I have found my own little people to experiment with. I’ve seen people use Barbie dolls, some kind of revenge against the media thing I think. But, I was pleased to find these two Bratz dolls at the GoodWill yesterday. Not only do they have that less than pleased look but they are not blonde. That is just a bit overdone as a stereotype. These Bratz grrls will have more range for true torment and real peril. So, for yet another mad science experiment… here are Dorothy and Thumbelina.

So far the hardest part is getting them in good focus. Even when I’m sure I’ve got several good photos when I look at them I end up deleting all but one or two cause they are blurry looking. I’m going to see what tricks and ideas I can find from other sites and people who are taking close up photos of little things.