ODP .sig Code


Saved for posterity. Most of the links don’t go very far.

ODP .sig Code

This little code originated in a forum thread back in late 2002. We have both an encoder (provided by jtaylorj) and a decoder (provided by ciaran)!

The following explanatory blurb is ripped off from the geek code. Make the appropriate modifications in your head, please.

Geeks, of all people, can seldom be strictly quantified. To facilitate the fact that within any one category you may not be able to determine a specific rating, variables have been designed to allow this range to be included.
@ – for this variable, said trait is not very rigid, may change with time or with individual interaction. For example, Geeks who happen to very much enjoy Star Trek: The Next Generation, but dislike the old 60’s series might list themselves as t++@.
() – for indicating “cross-overs” or ranges. Geeks who go from C+ to C— depending on the situation (i.e. mostly “C+”) could use C+(—). @ is different from () in that () has finite limits within the category, while @ ranges all over.
< – for ‘wannabe’ ratings. Indicating that while the geek is currently at one rating, they are striving to reach another. For example, C++>$ indicating a geek that is currently computer savvy, but wants to someday make money at it.
$ – Indicates that this particular category is done for a living. For example, UL+++$ indicates that the person utilizes Unix and gets paid for it. Quite a lucky geek, for sure. ODP Code note: this only applies to staff!
? – Unless stated otherwise within the specific category, the ? is placed after the category identifier and indicates that the geek has no knowledge about that specific category. For example, a person that has never even heard of Babylon 5, would list their Babylon 5 category as 5?
! – Placed before the category. Unless stated otherwise, indicates that the person refuses to participate in this category. This is unlike the ? variable as the ? indicates lack of knowledge, while the ! indicates stubborn refusal to participate. For example, !E would be a person that just plain refuses to have anything to do with Emacs, while E? would be a person that doesn’t even know what Emacs is.

Let the ODP Code begin!


  • E = Editor
  • E+ = Editall
  • E++ = Editall+Catmv
  • E+++ = Meta
  • E+- = Cateditall
  • E++- = Catmod
  • E! = Staff


  • F++++ = I’m totalxsive.
  • F+++ = Seriously addicted to the forums. I’ve learned several languages by reading each and every World forum thread.
  • F++ = Active on a daily basis. A forum is the first thing that comes to my mind when hearing “Café”, “Penguin”, or a combination of both.
  • F+ = Reading relevant threads quite regularly. I’m even contributing to fun forum threads once in a while.
  • F = I’ve been to the Penguin Café once, and I remember participating in a reorg discussion about… well… whatever.
  • F- = I introduced myself in the New Editor Forum several months ago. Oh, and I read some threads about current reorganisations. Well – at least item0.
  • F– = ODP forums? Boooooring!! I prefer to post to external forums, mocking fellow editors.
  • F!: I’ve just discovered/remembered that UBB code (and similar) doesn’t work here. (now obsolete)

Duration of Editorship

  • D = just joined (less than a year)
  • D+ = 12 – 23 months
  • D++ = 24 – 35 months
  • D+++ = 36 – 47 months
  • D++++ = 48 months – 59 months
  • D+++++ = five years or more
  • D* = I am skrenta.
  • D- = I would like to join.
  • D+++x = I am on a break from the ODP (+++ = total “active” time before the break)
  • D!- = I resigned by my own free will (no abuse etc.)
  • D! = I have been removed from the ODP.
  • D!! = I have an ODP hate site.

Other Directories

Number of Edits

  • N? = 0
  • N— = 1 – 50
  • N– = 51-100
  • N- = 101-500
  • N = 501-1000
  • N+ = 1001-5000
  • N++ = 5001-10000
  • N+++ = 10001-50000
  • N! = rpfuller


  • G = I’ve suggested smilies and/or Mozzies in the appropriate threads, but have never made any.
  • G+ = I’ve submitted a couple of smilies or at least one Mozzie.
  • G++ = I’ve submitted at least 2 smilies and 2 Mozzies or I have bea-u-tified my Editor profile page.
  • G+++ = I’ve helped with making Editor Awards, and I’ve submitted both smilies and Mozzies.
  • G++++ = I’ve submitted smileys and Mozzies faster than Business gets spammed.
  • G+++++ = I edit Bookmarks/M/mozzie and/or host Editor Awards on my own server(s).
  • G* = I’m enarra.
  • G- = I wish I knew how to design or make graphics.
  • G! = Graphics, who needs ’em? I view the web in text only.
  • G? = Why can’t we have animated smilies and Mozzies?
  • G?!?! = I don’t understand why there isn’t an all Flash version of the ODP.

Edit Quality

  • Q = average quality edits
  • Q+ = good quality edits
  • Q++ = great edits!
  • Q+++++ = they asked me to become an editall after 100 edits
  • Q- = working on it
  • Q– = oops!
  • Q—: Whaht iz zpellinghk? Geidleighns?


  • Lu = B-ing @ luser’z kewl!
  • Lo = I’m a loser. So what? Peons are a necessary part of any group.
  • Lu(o) = Sometimes my ego doesn’t overshadow my loserness.
  • Lo(u) = I’ll proudly admit to being a loser in the proper context, of course.
  • Lu>o = I’m maturing and one day won’t be so proud of my status, but I’ll still be a loser.
  • Lo>u = I’m trying to be a “kewl” loser.
  • L> = I’m attempting to achieve non-loser status, but I’m not there yet.
  • L? = I don’t get it.
  • !L? = I refuse to designate something I don’t understand.
  • !L = I refuse to participate in (or admit to) having loser status.
  • L@ = I range across the entire loser scale.

Editing Activity

  • A+++++ = I’m a human robot.
  • A++++ = If I don’t do at least 100 edits a day I get withdrawal symptoms. I sleep in the ODP IRC room.
  • A+++ = I’m not going out as much as I used to. My marriage is showing signs of weakness caused by too much late night editing.
  • A++ = I’ve started applying for new cats because I’ve run out of greens.
  • A+ = I log on regularly to edit. I’ve even started adding non-submitted sites.
  • A = I doing just enough editing to keep ‘my’ cats maintained, but that’s all you’ll see of me.
  • A- = I’m still around, just not logging in as much as I used to be.
  • A– = I’m still looking after my pet cats; sometimes.
  • A— = I hardly recognise any of the editor names anymore.
  • A—- = I’ve forgotten how to work the edit buttons. If they don’t ban me for bad editing, I’ll accidently timeout soon.
  • A! = I’ve temporarily stopped all editing for reasons too complex to explain, but I will be back.
  • A!! = I’ve timed out having previously set A!: I thought I’d be back, but evidently not.


  • H– = Neither uses nor recognizes humor. Probably isn’t reading this.
  • H- = Just the facts, ma’am/man.
  • H = A little laughter helps break the tension.
  • H+ = A lot of laughter really helps break the tension.
  • H++ = Don’t read my posts while drinking cocoa, that crt’s hard to clean.
  • H! = magne

Where Editing Happens

  • W = At work, of course
  • W+ = At work and at home
  • W++ = At work and at home and with a laptop…everywhere
  • W- = At home
  • W– = At home on weekends
  • W! = DMOZ wouldn’t run without me…I own a small computer company so I can edit anywhere
  • W!! = What are you talking about? This is my work, my social life, the reason for my existence.
  • W? = I never edit. I just read the forums on the library’s computer when I get there.

Opinion of ODP

  • O+++ = It’s perfect. I can’t think of anything that could be made better.
  • O++ = It’s very good, but it has a few flaws.
  • O+ = Mostly, it works. Sometimes, it doesn’t – but I can live with that.
  • O = It’s just another directory.
  • O- = It’s a good idea in theory, but it’s obviously not in practice.
  • O– = It’s not even a good idea in theory. It was obvious volunteer-run directories would lead to chaos from the start.
  • O— = It sucks. ODP should be taken out and shot.


  • B+ = I’m a good editor and never bump any threads that I’m not supposed to.
  • B = I’ve probably bumped the odd thread now and again that I shouldn’t.
  • B- = I’ve bumped 07:10PM, No, Miriamisms, Lycos is using a false editor name and Welcome to the Forum.
  • B– = I’ve bumped all of the above and more.
  • B! = I’ve received a staff warning for my bumping.

This Code (not presently recognized by the decoder)

  • C- = This is cute, but we should have spent the time editing.
  • C = Finally, a system to quantify myself in relation to other editors so that I know where I can increase my involvement in the project.
  • C+ = I submitted suggestions for the code.
  • C* = I’m either etoile or ciaran.

Editor Tools

  • T! = The last time I used a power tool I broke something and autumn had to fix it.
  • T– = I’m afraid to use power tools.
  • T- = Tools? What tools?
  • T = I use tools occasionally.
  • T+ = I have at least one tool bookmarked.
  • T++ = I’ve suggested a new tool or feature that was implemented.
  • T+++ = I’ve created at least one tool.
  • T++++ = I recreated at least one of nurey’s tools.
  • T* = I’m rpfuller or dlugan.
  • T+++!!: I’m autumn.

Interaction Online

  • I— = Instant Messaging is stupid. What’s wrong with feedback?
  • I– = Never used IM for ODP matters, but may consider it
  • I- = I have at least 1 IM system, but never talked to any other editors with it.
  • I = I occasionally talk to other editors online
  • I+ = I regularly talk to other editors and pop into #ODP now and again
  • I++ = I got broadband just so that could IM all day, and spend a lot of time in #ODP
  • I+++ = I live in #ODP, and would suffer withdrawal symptons if it ever went away
  • I! = I host the ODP:IRC server

Social Interaction (not presently recognized by the decoder)

  • S! = I won’t meet people from the internet – don’t you watch the news?!
  • S– = I’ve never met or spoken to another editor offline.
  • S- = I’ve talked to a few on the phone… what a buncha geeks!
  • S = I’ve met one or two editors in person or talk to several regularly by phone.
  • S+ = I socialize with several regularly in person or have newwave on speed-dial.
  • S++ = I’ve attended an editor gathering or meetup.
  • S+++ = I’ve slept in robjones‘s barn multiple times or slept with raggedyrugs at least once.
  • S++++ I’ve organized or hosted an editor gathering or meetup.
  • S* = I met my spouse through ODP (e.g., kfander).

Kategories (yeah, yeah, C was already taken – this is for your main focus)

What does your code say about you? Though instead of decoding with a bar code scanner, these codes have to be looked at to understand them. While a symbol scanner equipped with a touch screen monitor may help in business, decoding ODP code is half the fun!


What is World Drawing Day?

The next World Drawing Day will be sometime in June, 2013. Nothing posted about this year on the site, so far. Drawing Day

“Drawing Day is a world-wide event encouraging everyone to drop everything and draw on one day. Simply draw, then submit drawings to our website or any of our participating websites.”

One day each year just pretend you can draw. Even if you can already draw, draw something more. Challenge yourself.

As a kid and a teenager and then a young woman, I always thought I could not draw. Even now, I know I’m not a great artist. It doesn’t matter. I can draw. I can draw because I want to. I enjoy drawing just because I want to do it. I don’t have to be great, I don’ t have to make masterpieces or get something in a gallery (other than the gallery I made myself).

World Drawing Day is a day for people who want to draw. People who wish they could draw and all those people who think they can’ t draw. On World Drawing Day you don’t need any special qualifications. Just draw.

World Drawing Day on Flickr | Twitter | Facebook

daisybugPlaces for Those Who Draw
Art – community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints.

The Drawn Blog is your daily source of inspiration for illustration, animation, cartooning, and comic art.

Rate My Drawings
Draw online and learn to draw at RateMyDrawings using online drawing tools!

A communal blog for compulsive sketchers.


An ongoing global art project on drawing your happiness.

Altared Naturally

Originally written for The Crying Clown Zine (c. 1998)

Just picture yourself, in mid ritual, suddenly your Book of Shadows falls to the floor with an unpleasant sounding thud. Silly you, you forgot your altar!

The Wiccan/ Pagan altar is not just for eating your breakfast on anymore. Also, those looking forward to virgin sacrifices are in for a disappointment. But, look on the bright side, now you don’t have to save yourself for that big moment on the stone slab, just go out and have fun!

So, what should you know about constructing your very own altar? Start with all natural ingredients and assemble them inside a circle. Those are the basics. Your altar can be outdoors for all the little bugs and squirrels to see or it can be inside and easily pushed under your bed for those with parents who like to make room inspections still. An altar can even be made on your desk at work. Just use some creativity and no one will suspect you have brought Pagan influences to concrete jungle.

The altar itself can have a circular base or square, depending on how natural you want to go with it. Outdoors, a fire can substitute for an altar. Make sure you are prepared to safely extinguish it before you leave. Face your altar in a direction of power, generally that’s north, the direction associated with Earth. Some Wiccan use east and west, the direction the sun rises and sets. Lastly, everything on your altar is positioned in a pattern. The arrangement is very individual and can be kept track of in your Book of Shadows. (The Book of Shadows is a book or some other form of note keeping Wiccan use for their exploration and discoveries along their path of learning.)

Just raring to go and get Medieval, I mean creative? To dedicate your altar to the Goddess and God, something you can choose to do. Set up put the tools dedicated to the Goddess (pentacle, cup, bell, crystal, cauldron and others) on the left side of the altar. The tools dedicated to the God (athame, censer, white handled knife, etc) are placed on the right side. In the middle of the altar, you please yourself; at least that is how I see it.

If you don’t follow the ‘standard’ altar plan with God and Goddess on either ends you can fill those areas of your altar with things to represent the elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The idea is to stick to natural ingredients but you can do a lot with those. A natural altar contains assorted leaves, stones, drawings/ pictures, candles, seashells, feathers, flowers/ herbs, a glass of water, your pet guppy, tissues (handy if you have a cold) and a pirate’s treasure map (assuming you can find one). Keep in mind the elements. The feather and leaves can represent Air. The candle and maybe some burnt offerings from breakfast can represent Fire. Water is easy with seashells or a glass of water. Earth can be represented by the stones or leaves (think compost, just don’t put it on your altar unless you are ready for the smell).

The altar is the physical centre of a ritual. Its a place of power and magick. To think it is mostly a flat surface to work at is a mistake. Some of your energy and magick will remain in your altar after each ritual. You will be bringing a lot from yourself to the ritual and your altar. Because of this, your altar must have special meaning to you. Use your own sense of style, things that are important, have meaning to you, and design your altar to suit yourself and your needs.

It Came from a Tool Site

Tools are a powerful symbol of creativity – the first expression of human cognition, tools represent mankind’s ability to progress, to better ourselves, to make the world a better place.

They have a special significance to human society — tools are one of the primary means by which we distinguish ourselves from other animals. Tools are the father of all other antiques. Master paintings, the great statues, the finest pottery, the most decorative furniture, the most colorful tapestries — all of these would have been nothing more than someone’s fleeting idea without the tools needed to create them. Every manmade object depended on the use of tools for its existence, and mankind’s greatest intelligence is reserved for the creation of ever newer and better tools to solve the production problems of the day.

Closely examine a tool, and you will likely discover the essence of its function distilled into the simplest possible form. Yet often, these fascinating objects are themselves highly decorative and possess graphic and colorful forms. On the pages of this web site, you’ll be able to view many of America’s most beautiful, rare, and collectible patented antique tools. I invite you to peruse these pages and see for yourself the artistic and inventive spirit imbued within these symbols of creativity.

Catalogue of American Patented Antique Tools

You Can’t Make Me

I don’t feel like writing, you can’t make me.

The move is postponed (yet again). I think this Monday now. Steve (the renovating guy) says he will be out there to finish up this week. My brother plans to take the futon (which will be my thing to sit on and bed for awhile) down there tomorrow, probably. He is going to try assembling it but didn’t have much luck last time he tried. Luckily, I am a woman with my own set of tools. Where no man has gone before a woman shall triumph. (I’m sure that’s a quote somewhere).

So now you know. I’d say good night but I’m drinking coffee and you really can’t talk and swallow at the same time. However, you can type. One handed typing. My hand is on the coffee, not where you were thinking! Nasty…. nasty… nasty…

Taking Power Back

No matter what you are feeling powerless about, it can help to simply create a plan of action. When we feel powerless, we often feel like we are trapped in a box with no way out. There seem to be dead-ends every way we turn. If we can sit down and create a plan with step by step actions we can take right now, guess what happens? We realize that we’re not powerless. The most empowering thing you can do is to get moving. Don’t just sit there and accept what life hands you. Get up, get out and create the life you deserve!

Wendy Betterini – Wings for the Heart

Journal of the Morning

I feel powerless. I give up cause no matter what I do or how much I do, in the end it won’t be enough or good enough and nothing I do matters. I don’t matter.

I feel giving up is what I need to do, what I should do cause I need to hurt myself. I should be hurt, it’s what women should live with and how we were meant to be.

Government, society and men know this. That’s why abuse and crimes against women are fairly ignored and tolerated. Often the abuser, the molester, the criminal is given more care and consideration than the women he hurt or killed. Men still make the laws, men still have the unofficial and unwritten knowledge that women are here to be abused. We are tools and no matter how far we try to get, we can’t out run that fact.

We will even hurt each other in order to keep the order. No one woman should be allowed to think she can step out of line and into the light.

I feel angry. So angry that I’m afraid to let even a corner of it show. I’m angry at people in my life yet I won’t blame them for being human and imperfect. So, I direct my anger at myself. I hate myself. I hate myself for being powerless and I hate myself for being so angry when it is so unfair and mean spirited to be angry at others. Everything is my fault. I should be better. I should be less sensitive. I should do more. I should think less. I should stop being so angry. I should utilize my potential which I don’t believe really exists cause I’m powerless and I deserve to fail cause I’m wrong somehow. Something about me or in me is bad. There is nothing I can do about it.

I feel ashamed of myself. I know how little I really do. I hide it from others so they won’t all know how little I really matter. They were right, if anyone really knew, no one would ever want me. If people knew me, the real me, they would know there really is nothing good about me.

Found: The Webby Dream Job

This was on Craigslist.

The Sympatico/MSN team is currently seeking out 2 full time positions for the role of Content Manager. This is a full time position at Bell Canada.

About Sympatico/MSN

Sympatico.MSN.ca is the most visited Internet destination in Canada, reaching 85% of online Canadians. The homepage itself is seen over 400 million times a month. The website was born in 2004 as a merger of Sympatico.ca and msn.ca, which had been the #1 and #2 web portals in Canada. Sympatico/MSN combines MSN’s industry leading tools such as MSN Messenger, Hotmail, and MSN Spaces with Sympatico’s deep content offerings from leading providers such as CTV, the CBC, and magazines such as Elle Magazine and Canadian Living. Sympatico High Speed customers also benefit from exclusive video content, provided as a free benefit for being a Sympatico customer.

The Internet has emerged as a credible media source, attracting an increasing number of Canadians. This has made traditional advertisers notice. Our business expects to double in size over the next two years.

About the Role: Content Manager

The content in the Sympatico/MSN website is divided into subject specific verticals or channels. The content manager is responsible for building an audience in their channel and managing its day to day operations. The success of this role is measured in part by the channel’s metrics in viewership, revenue, and impact to the success of the Consumer Internet Services group.

The responsibility of overall channel management is shared with a Product Manager, who will focus on revenue, partner business relationships, and overall channel strategy.
Key Responsibilities
1) Content Management: Update, Edit and Create
a. Choose which articles to include in the channel, along with appropriate images
b. Submit articles for homepage promotion
c. Create new articles, when necessary
d. Add new content partners to the channel
-creating co-brands
-managing the feed or content submission process
e. New section or sub-section creation
f. New feature creation
g. Evaluate new content

2) Channel Management: Develop, Maintain and Research
a. Work with content partners to identify new content requirements
b. Create and maintain an editorial calendar
c. Consult on new content partnerships, with Product Manager, assessing content and technical requirements

3) Development: Build, Innovate and Improve
a. Write requirements for new features and tools
b. Provide feedback to improve internal software usability
c. Creation of new page and feature styles
d. Prioritize and schedule new feature builds

4) Maintenance
a. Review internal programs to do spot checks of the channel to identify problems
– Making the fix happen, or arranging for the necessary resource to be assigned
b. Handle requests for Sales sponsorships
c. Review documentation (both requirements and usage scenario docs) for accuracy, usability

• 5 years experience in Internet Media
• Excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing
• Content editorial skills on style, grammar, and writing effectively for the web
• Working knowledge of HTML and CSS.
• Project Coordination
• Knowledge of and ability to apply usability best practices
• Broadband content development for the web

About the Work Environment

The Bell Canada team works at Toronto’s Harbourfront. The team has a great work/life balance, where the 9 to 5 day is the norm and not the exception.

Full time employees benefit from job security, a generous training plan, and a comprehensive benefits package from Bell Canada, which includes a competitive bonus plan.

From our partnership with MSN, the team benefits from leading Microsoft productivity tools, and knowledge-sharing of global best practices from the MSN network.

About You

We’re looking for people passionate about the Internet and media, people who are willing to ride the next wave of growth in the Internet. You are expected to expect the unexpected, work outside your job description, and constantly look for ways to innovate our business.

If you are the ideal candidate, you have over 5 years experience in Internet media, with a proven track record at a recognized company or agency. You’ve had some great jobs, but now you’re looking for a leadership career with a company which provides a work/life balance and encourages a career path. Bell Canada is transforming itself around the Internet, which will continue to create new career opportunities.

* Job location is Toronto Harbourfront
* Compensation: Competitive with market

National Vacant Properties Campaign

National Vacant Properties Campaign


The National Vacant Properties Campaign is seeking to make vacant properties reclamation a national priority. To achieve this, we are focusing on four goals:

We plan to cultivate leaders and develop a national network of experts, practitioners and consultants with extensive experience and interest in reclamation efforts. We will recruit a diverse array of leaders, from environmental advocates to real estate professionals.

Practitioners are searching for new strategies, policies, and tools that can help them prevent, manage, and rehabilitate vacant properties. The Campaign will focus on disseminating cutting-edge research, identifying and analyzing policy innovations and best practices, presenting model legislation, and informing people about the latest policy developments in the field.

Effective communications are essential for transforming ideas into action. We will collect compelling evidence, develop persuasive messages for our spokespeople, determine the best ways to influence top decision makers, and elevate the visibility of the issue for the general public.

Many communities lack the capacity or expertise to deal with their vacant properties by themselves. The Campaign will provide several forms of expert assistance to help a wide range of communities jump start their vacant property efforts.

Does this mean they would sponsor someone to fix up an abandoned house? I wonder if you could buy an abandoned home through them, fix it up with training on how to do so (from them) and then have a new home for yourself? This could be a cheap way of getting your own home.

I am Witch, Hear me Roar

One thing that bothers me about people who are into Paganism, particularly Wicca, are the trendy money spenders. Those who forget it’s an Earth religion, not a shopping religion. You do not need robes, goblets, altar tools, athames, jewelry, etc. Being a Witch isn’t about how much stuff you can stack up on an altar it’s about having an altar at all and appreciating and knowing what it’s there for.

You can be a Witch without an altar. It’s the meaning of the altar that matters, not it’s existence. It’s not about spells either. People who focus on spells and magick really peeve me. What is all that but stuff for the tourists. Other than your own personal magick (that comes from within yourself and stays there) any other magick falls the wrong way of harms none.

You may think you’re helping someone but did they ask for help? Even if they did ask how are you helping them? People need to do things for themselves, to learn and to appreciate their own efforts. Helping other people will often backfire and next time they will seek you out instead of doing for themselves. You are their crutch, not their friend. Don’t weaken your friends, let them develop their own magick, inside themselves.

… and you thought only Dragons could roar. 😉