International Highway Sign Makeover

How would you design a traffic/ road sign? All the elements of sign design you never thought of, come into play when you really start planning a better road sign.

The idea isn’t new. I’ve saved screen captures from the Wayback Machine from the older site (below). Glad to see someone else has taken up the idea and kept it going on another site. I’m linking there first so people can see what’s new and contribute ideas of their own.

I used to send possible highway route signs to the owner of The Great International Highway makeover website, Mr. R. V. Droz, a while back. Well I found out recently that his email link at his website is inoperable. Rats. I hope it’ll work well in the future.

Source: International Highway Makeover 2

From the old site, by Robert V. Droz.

Highway route markers have gotten boring over time. In the 1940’s, there were many varied shapes and colors. Many governments opted for the MUTCD default (circles) or plain blank squares. The justification for those sparse designs is that they provide for increased number visibility and easy recognition. True enough, but nothing says you can’t design a useful sign that’s graphically attractive. Linked below are many examples of potential re-designs.











Hybrid Vehicle Travels on Railways

There are so many unused railway tracks. I wonder how much of that could be repurposed (or still safe to use) if people began using it for personal transportation again.After nearly 5,000 miles of railway tracks were abandoned in Mexico and Ecuador 20 years ago, communities were left isolated without easy access to the world outside. Two artists want to re-open…

Source: Funky Aluminum Hybrid Vehicle Travels on Railways to Reach Abandoned Communities | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

I'm Having a Dragon Kind of Day

I thought about doing so many various things today but I’ve just been goofing off. I feel a bit tired, blah and achy. If I wasn’t being so lazy I’d put socks on so my feet would stop being so cold.

I was looking at dragon pictures/ drawings and quizes today. I’m reading another dragon related book this week. This time by Stephanie Rowe. She doesn’t have much of a website so I won’t go back to get a link for it. Not right now anyway. It would be fun to be a dragon. I’d like to be able to fly. Imagine how much you’d save on transportation and travel.

Driving is Sweet!

One great thing about all this chaos is driving the car again. I have missed the poor old car. It’s nearly 15 now, I forget just which month it was new. Anyway, I am a bit rusty on driving and maybe more aware of what I’m doing than I need to be. If that makes any sense. It is nice to just get in and drive and go exactly where I want. Waiting for the bus, walking between stops and looking for where the route goes is not my favourite mode of transportation. But it’s ok.

One day someone will invent something you just step in and go exactly where you want to go, right to the very room or hallway outside the door. No need to wait for a bus or look for a parking space. No fuel consumption either, it will be very green. Somehow. I would like to still be around to see it. I’m going to miss so much by dying, what a nuisance death is. It really gets in the way of seeing how the story of everything turns out.

I am trying YouMob now. It looks fun. But, I notice that the traffic doesn’t show up on my counter. Kind of interesting. It must all come through their site – opens mine in only a frame so they never catch my counter. It’s interesting cause people rely on the counters so much. If your counter doesn’t show a click was anyone ever there? Of course, I can see people have been looking. It’s funny though cause it feels like whatever doesn’t show on the counter doesn’t count. Of course, literally it doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t reading or at least clicking and leaving quickly. Just shows it isn’t good to get too happy with your blog counter. Just be happy.

There are crocuses blooming in my brother’s backyard! I will get a photo when I am out there. I brought along my cable so I should be able to post a photo while I’m here.