Ideas for Date Nights

Whether you are dating or single this Valentine’s Day you should give yourself a bit of luxury, fun or romance today just because you can. Don’t dwell on being single, not being with someone, not this or not that. You are alive, you are a woman and you have it in your power to ignore all the negative things and celebrate the positive.

Take yourself on a date! Get an idea of your own or have a look at the ideas on $30 Date Nights. In particular I like the night photography date. Wouldn’t that be an adventure. Give it a try.

As the Software Updates…

Setting up Mom’s computer to be on the wireless home network. Have to find a way to make the hardware/ software compatible with Windows Vista. The guy at Future Shop said it would be fine. But, seems I returned this same hardware to WalMart cause it didn’t work. Yet it cost double the price at Future Shop. So, even if it does work I may return it and go back to save $50 by shopping WalMart. Kind of sick that they would have such a huge price mark up at Future Shop. But, will make sure it actually does work first. Haven’t even told my Mom about that side of things yet.

Also, woke up this morning still thinking about a guy at the grocery store last night. Funny thing is that I never even looked at him. Just noticed his hand reaching down to put the divider thing on the conveyor belt. Said thanks. Then noticed him turning my cereal box so he could read it (I assume). After he was gone my Mom (we had a shopping day together yesterday) said he was really good looking. I hadn’t even looked. But, I’ve been thinking about that little bit of time over and over. It will make a good story, when I get writing it.

It also made me think about writing something about romance. My sister has been on my mind too. Not the one with kids but the whiskey drinking, soccer playing, single redhead. She doesn’t seem to notice guys that like her. Seems to think it is just a co-incidence that a friend calls her on Valentines Day. Duh! Some people seem to be Romantically Challenged. I thought that would be a good name for the column/ blog/ whatever. But, it couldn’t be a daily. I don’t have that many romantic thoughts rattling around in my brain. Weekly could be do-able. I took over a romantic topic for a very short time on once. Before things went kind of silly there and I gave up on the network.

Off to find software updates…

Thursday Thirteen: Valentines Day

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I Would have Liked for Valentines Day

1. An actual real Valentine man, a My Funny Valentine kind of guy would be just fine.

2. A pretty locket.

3. A weekend at a bed and breakfast with my Funny Valentine.

4. A box (not massive) of Valentine chocolates, really good ones.

5. Cheesecake, really good ice cream and/ or very fresh fruit salad. (It’s not all chocolate!)

6. A Valentine card, something really pink and flowery.

7. Valentine lingerie for more than full figure type. Something long and luxurious rather than skimpy.

8. A gift basket full of good things: chocolates, really nice smelling shampoo and soap, etc.

9. A car. Not that I actually expect to get something so expensive but lets just put it out there, just cause you never know…

10. A day out for fancy coffee, shopping at the bookstore, and a chick flick.

11. An evening of my Funny Valentine cooking dinner, cleaning it up and making a really good coffee for late night conversation.

12. Flowers, tulips would be nice or something fancier. Something with roots that can be planted in the garden this Spring would be great too.

13. Sex. Not average, man in charge sex, something a lot more fun for me.