Learning Every Day

Life is a learning experience. I am working on the WordGrrls blog, changing to a new theme. It was great to have a new premium theme from Matt at WordPress.

I have nothing bad to say about Thesis, the WP theme. I still like it and may yet return to using it. One thing, it is quite simple to use and uncomplicated once you get the hang of where to find everything.

Now I am using Headway and finding it has too many options for fiddling with little things, overkill. I am still trying to work out the footer and I need to make the body of content fluid but have not found an option for that. Two fairly essential things. There isn’t a lot of documentation (other than videos which I just don’t want to deal with). But I have found some help from Headway Beginner.

Ad Free Blog Org

Kerri has a nice blog, The Wish Jar Journal.

I found the Ad Free Blog organization among Kerri’s links. Can’t really join it with a Google/ Blogger blog. But maybe my WP blogs could join up. I don’t think ads for your blog software or host would count.

By using this icon on my website I am stating…

1. That I am opposed to the use of corporate advertising on blogs.

2. That I feel the use of corporate advertising on blogs devalues the medium.

3. That I do not accept money in return for advertising space on my blog.

Every Grrl’s Dream

No matter what malarky you may have heard, every grrl’s real dream is to be the pirate captain of her own ship.

Today, this evening in fact, I have done just that. Just moments ago I deleted my whole blog on the thatgrrlca domain, JUST BECAUSE I CAN!

Yes, I am the captain of my ship and the whole blog walked the plank. Ker plop!

Right now I am waiting for the new blog to upload. I decided while I was pirating around I may as well load up that new version 2 of WordPress.

It will mean more fun with WP themes and adjustments. But, I can start fresh instead of trying to figure out how to organize what I had started, botched and changed my mind about.

It’s good being a Pirate Queen!