Xmassed Out Yet?

Today we have snow. After a green Xmas and a green Boxing Day yesterday, we are having snow today… all day ( so far). It’s becoming a winter wonderland, just a bit late for the traditional time for whiteness.

Zack and I were out this morning to the second-hand bookstore and then walked to the Tim Horton’s near his house. Pretty good walk, I thought about just calling for a cab from the bookstore but decided to push myself and enjoy that walk in the snow. It’s even noticeably colder than it has been in awhile. We have been having a Florida Xmas until now.

I’m kind of glad the snow is here, even though I will be waiting for buses in the city. Having such a mild winter has been just a bit too freakish. It felt wrong and I wondered if all the snow and ice was going to descend suddenly right at the end, several blizzards in a row. That wouldn’t be very pleasant.

The photo above came from a site listing background images. I found it through Google’s image search. Another nice one was the Fall road one here.

Santa Has Been Here

The kids are in bed, even the big kid who no longer believes in Santa Claus. He decided to sleep on the couch watching a Christmas movie. The Santa presents are under the tree. The parents are just about heading up to bed. I’m washing clothes and checking email. We cleaned up from the Xmas dinner and soup is being boiled from the turkey bones. The remaining wine is corked and in the fridge. The remaining cookies are on the counter for those who can still nibble.

How is that for 11:31 on Christmas Eve?

An Optical Allusion

I was trying to clean my glasses, that clear plastic nose piece that always seems to get blue grunge in it. Usually I get it out with soap and water and a lot of swishing around. But, one side has been lose for awhile so I thought I would just pull it right out and give it a better cleaning. I did wonder about getting it back in but the mad scientist part of my brain assured me I could, of course. But, I can’t. So now my glasses are cleaner but sitting kind of lopsided on my face. Being this close to Xmas my brother thinks some stores will be closing early. I’m pretty sure he is wrong. I worked in a store afterall and I especially remember the shifts which went on and on and on until 11:00 at night that last week of Xmas shopping. But, it may be that the places dealing in glasses will be closed early. Sherry and Graham think so anyway. So I’m having an optical allusion today, I did it to myself too so that’s one good thing about it. I remember another Xmas where my glasses were broken by someone else and I had everyone giving me their opinions about how they were unfixable and I’d never find someone available to fix them and it would cost a fortune… I did get them fixed, free, that time too.

Seasons Greetings to All Who Pass By Here

Maybe it’s just me but… people talking about how they won’t be posting now that it’s so close to Christmas make me think they are planning to be shipped off to a deserted island for the holidays. Each time I read that I just get a picture in my head of one of those end of the world movies. That scene where someone is alone, walking down the middle of a huge city street, surrounded by tall buildings and nothing but dust blowing down the middle of the street to make any noise or keep them company.

Are you going to be posting over Christmas? Why not? Are you planning on being stranded in the middle of the Arctic? Are aliens swooping down and taking you back to their planet… again!?

I know some people will be traveling and land at places in the Outback where elecricity is still a new thing so of course, there are no modern fangled things like computers. Flushing toilets are still enough to keep their rapt attention for the whole spin cycle, what can you expect? I know some people only go online while at work… personally I think they should all be fired and I should get their cushy jobs.

But, if you aren’t in Siberia or missing your job surfing the Net and reading blogs, why not post a bit over the holidays. Just a line or two. Not that anyone has to make blogging an addiction but it’s not a hobby that takes up a lot of time. Stick up a photo of your Xmas tree. Share a favourite recipe so we can all drool over it. Whatever. Sure, some people like Skye are apparently having far too much sex to drag themselves back to the computer. Likely she needs all her energy these days. Maybe someone can post for her. Something like “STILL SEX” or “MORE SEX”. That would do. I like to think she’s just found this great new diet idea and we will hear how she lost 10 pounds over the holidays. Or she will have lost 200 pounds or so, depending on how much ‘he’ weighs. I’m willing to send her a shovel if she suddenly has need of one. You never know…

Anyway, I don’t remember quite what I started writing about now. Thinking about sex and hiding the body has just taken my mind off track for awhile.

Have a Merry Yule, Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for 2007 to all who pass by here.

Tired of Xmas? Revert Back to Halloween!

Yes, I know it’s December, even though it looks like Autumn outside. I found Halloween sparkly graphics too so I’m including them in honour of the weather and for the people who are sick of Christmas already. Not that I am.

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Crochet Xmas Tree

Small Christmas Tree

Size 3 + 1/4″ tall
Crochet cotton #10
Steel crochet hook size 6
Small amount white and silver.
NOTE: After Rnd 1, work in back lps only of each rnd unless it is otherwise indicated.
TREE: With white cotton, ch3, 7 dc in 3rd ch from hook, sl st to join in top of beg. ch3. (8).
Rnd 2: Ch 4 (first tr), tr in same st as beg ch 4, 2 tr in each st around, sl st to join in top of beg ch4 (16).
Rnd 3: Ch 4, 2 tr in next st, (tr in next st, 2 tr in next st) rep around, sl st to join in top of beg ch 4. (24).
Rnd 4: Ch4, tr in next st, 2 tr in next st, (tr in next 2 sts, 2 tr in next st) rep around, sl st to join in top of beg ch4. (32).
Rnd 5: Ch4, tr in next 2 sts, 2 tr in next st, (tr in next 3 sts, 2 tr in next st) rep around, sl st to join in top of beg ch 4. (40).
Rnd 6: Ch 4, tr in next 3 sts, 2 tr in next st, (tr in next 4 sts, 2 tr in next st) rep around, sl st to join in top of beg ch 4. (48).
Rnd 7: Ch 4, tr in next 4 sts, 2 tr in next st, (tr in next 5 sts, 2 tr in next st) rep around, sl st to join in top of beg ch 4. (56).
Rnd 8: Working in both lps, sl st in each st around, fasten off.
BOTTOM BRANCH : With bottom of tree facing, attach white cotton in rem free lp of Rnd 5.
Rnd 1: Ch 3 (first dc), dc in each st around, sl st to join in top of beg ch3.
Rnd 2: Working in both lps, ch 4 (first dc, ch 1), (dc in next st, ch1) rep around, sl st to join in 3rd ch of beg ch 4, fasten off.
Rnd 3: Attach silver cotton in first dc of Rnd 2, working in both lps, (ch 5, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, ch 2, sc in next dc, ch 4, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, ch 1, sc in next dc) rep around, sl st in same st as beg ch 5, fasten off.MIDDLE BRANCH : With bottom of tree facing, attach white cotton in rem frell lp of Rnd 3.
Rnds 1 – 3: Rep Rnds 1 – 3 of bottom branch.

TOP BRANCH : With bottom of tree facing, attach white cotton in rem free lp of Rnd 1.
Rnd 1: Ch 3, dc in same st as beg ch 3, 2 dc in each rem st around, sl st to join in top of beg ch 3.
Rnds 2 & 3: Rep Rnds 2 and 3 of bottom branch.
STAR : Rnd 1: With silver cotton, ch 2, 10 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st to join in beg sc. (10).
Rnd 2: (Ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next ch, dc in next ch, sk 1 sc, sl st in next sc ) 5 times, leaving a length of cotton, fasten off.
Sew star to top of tree.
Saturate tree with fabric stiffener, and stuff tree with plastic wrap to shape like a tree.

I’m adding this in here in case I want to try figuring it out again, say next Christmas. I like the end result, mine just doesn’t seem to be turning out to look anything like it.

Hot in Hand

I was going to get an interesting picture of two houses with Xmas lights on tonight but my camera didn’t feel like working. I was surprised to find it quite hot to the touch too. It was the only thing warm at all in my purse. Then, since it wasn’t working I took out the batteries and found out they were the culprit. I don’t know why they got so heated. I put them in my pocket to cool off. Though they were nice as hand warmers on the cold night. I still don’t know what made them get so hot though. It was odd.

Duct Cleaning Today

It’s kind of nice when the repairmen type come early, it means they will be done sooner. But, I wasn’t even dressed yet when they came today. Still, I’m up now and the sucking has just begun. It’s not as loud as I thought it might be. I can just barely hear the radio as I had it on before. I won’t turn it up. That would be kind of silly and make too much noise.

I don’t know how duct cleaning works but I’m about to find out. They are starting in the furnace room. I think they go through the house and clean each vent. I have three down here. One right over the computer and two in the bedroom. Luckily my bed isn’t a real bed so I just rolled everything up out of the way. I’m not sure what to do with the computer, the desk is too top heavy with the monitor to drag around much. Plus I don’t want to pull it apart.

Anyway, that’s how my day is starting. I need to get out and mail Xmas cards. I just got the last mailing address I was waiting for. I may look for yarn too. I am still thinking it would be nice to try to crochet an apron for Sherry this year.

I Found My Irish Guys for Christmas!!!

When I was last in Alliston I looked for the box that had my Christmas decorations, some which my Mom and I made when I was a kid. Some of them were from family members gone now and some were bought for me when I was a kid. I keep thinking of one angel which my Mom bought at least 25 years ago now. I couldn’t find that box though I know I brought it with me from Todd’s when I came back after the divorce. I hope it didn’t get left at the house in Ballantrae somehow. Anyway, I’ve been feeling pretty sad about it and trying not to think about any of it too much.

One thing I thought was in that box too were a pair of Irish snowmen which I bought myself from some fancy shop here in Toronto several years ago. I found them this afternoon! They were in a bag with some Xmas broches and pins I had too. So I am really happy to have found those guys. I bought them around the time my Grandmother died. She was Irish so they really were special to me. It seemed fate that I went into the shop that day and found them among tons of Christmas stuff. I had been thinking of them each time I thought about anything to do with Christmas this year. Now I have them.

I looked online to see if I could find them for sale online, with a good photo to share in the blog. I found one of them but not the others. I only bought two but I remember there had been a set of three at the shop, I couldn’t afford to get three of them so I had to pick two. Anyway, I found a fairly good picture so you can see them. Too bad it’s a black background and not entirely in focus. I will try to take a better photo once I get some space sorted out to put up the tree.

The Moulin Rouge Christmas Tree

I went downtown to the Eatons Centre yesterday. Looked at a lot of the Christmas decorations for sale. It was pretty disappointing. A lot of that stuff isn’t any better quality than the Dollar Store. The Bay had a really nice display with fireplaces, red carpeting and so on. But there was not one thing I was really tempted to buy for my Xmas tree. Most of their stuff were those really fragile Xmas balls. Not a smart choice to sell in a store where most people are traveling by bus and subway for long distances. How many of those pretty, fancy balls make it home with them, in one piece? I did see a Christmas tree for sale there that was pretty unique. Would you buy a musky pink coloured Xmas tree?

The branches were kind of dry and scratchy like straw. I thought they would be softer. The colour was really nice but I’m not sure I’d want it for a Xmas tree. If you wanted to be really different it would be nice with white or ivory coloured ornaments and decorations. It would look exotic in all red decorations and ornaments.

Hmm… now I’m starting to like it. 🙂