“For snorters, smokers and sex maniacs”

Sometimes it takes perseverance to find what you are looking for online. Usually I have good luck with that. The secret is finding just the right term/ phrase to search for. Once you hit it right you will have tons of links to sift through. Meanwhile you have tons of dross to try to figure out.

Tonight I’m looking for a business which makes jewellry (necklaces, earrings, etc) out of wood, seeds and anything else along those natural Earthy lines. I found a site which falls into Kareems interests. “For snorters, smokers and sex maniacs” Not that Kareem is a sex maniac, as far as I know. 🙂

Anyway, still looking for my own link. That seed jewelry, you know.

2 thoughts on ““For snorters, smokers and sex maniacs””

  1. Snorting? Smoking? Being a sex maniac?
    Only occasionally, don’t worry…

    BTW, tonight the photos I promised will be finished.
    (Yes, that means you’ll get to see the gold suit tomorrow…)

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