Get your SexScope

Sagittarius Self Portrait: You’re a bit of a tomboy, but that doesn’t mean you’re only interested in being one of the guys. Not a delicate flower or shrinking violet, you’re solidly statuesque, athletic, voluptuous and outspoken. An adventurer at heart, you love your freedom and won’t give it up quickly for a stable partnership. You will commit to a fellow traveler — a foreigner, ideally — who’s comfortable living out of a backpack; if he’s looking for a happy homemaker, though, this man’s not for you. You begin each relationship the same way you start all of your projects — with high hopes, honorable intentions and good humor. Unfortunately, you’re often disappointed by your partners’ lack of faith. But you bounce back quickly thanks to your innate optimism, and then you’re on to the next adventure.

Turn Ons: A challenge. You don’t want a man to play hard to get, but you want him to encourage you to conquer new goals as an individual and as his mate. If a guy’s willing to be domestic, he can take care of all the tasks you simply don’t like to do.

Turn Offs: Any kind of negativity. You’re always up for whatever’s new and whatever’s next. While you may need a reality check occasionally, you don’t want a man who will bring you down. If he does, he’s out.

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