Free Shooting Range to Open at the Canadian Border

Mother Jones: You Are What you Shoot
Think of some of the border guards you’ve encountered. Would you trust them with a gun, a real one.

From news site:

Conservative justice critic Vic Toews announced Wednesday that Canadian border guards will be armed as soon as possible.

“I think they need to be armed,” B.C.’s Solicitor General John Les said, according to CP. “We sometimes have some not very nice people who want to try and get into our country.”

So lets shoot em up! I’m thinking of my Mom here. She brings back plants from her stay in Florida. She’s 62, travels alone, a real dangerous character. I know for a fact that she’s had days when she wasn’t very nice.

Maybe Canada just wants to get rid of their aging population. After all, there are only so many ice flows to go round.

Canada’s border services union threatened to strike in 2005 in an effort to force the government to provide them with guns in order to protect themselves.

Maybe I should buy a gun to protect myself once she gets here.

Where does it end? Should kids in school have guns, fashion accessories, to protect themselves.

Can I get a lasso with that? How about a side of spurs and a few beers, buddy! Maybe a shot in the dark for the road.

4 thoughts on “Free Shooting Range to Open at the Canadian Border”

  1. My friend was at a shooting range recently, he told me that he was there because his girlfriend’s father was going and he wanted points with him. So he’s trying it out just as a challenge to hit the target, and the coach guy behind him says, “Well you didn’t get a bullseye, but he wouldn’t be getting up from that one.” My friend left.

  2. I thought they already had guns. Seems silly that they wouldn’t, especially since people have such a lack of respect for those in authority nowadays. Even the Brittish Bobbies have broken down and gotten guns.

    psssssst, Laura, just between you and me, can you explain to me why the guy left after the coach’s statement in andy’s comment? I don’t get it. But then again, maybe I should be reading blogs as soon as I wake up, because I’m not getting a lot of things I’m reading…lol.

  3. He accidentally shot his girlfriend’s father.

    The problem with bringing out more guns is that it just keeps accelerating. People get bigger guns, faster guns, stronger guns. Then authority decides they need to have even bigger, faster and stronger guns – more than the ‘bad guys’. How does it end? Not bloody well.

  4. It ends with all of us being annihilated, but by then, we’ll all be gone and we won’t really care anymore.

    Thanks for explaining. I can be really slow sometimes…lol.

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