Where I Live: The End of the Tour

This is the fancy radio I bought myself. It plays CDs too. I’ve never spent so much on a radio ever so it’s worth a photo. At least I will have a photo should I ever need it for insurance. Hopefully that will never happen. The last is my latest favourite coffee mug. I bought it for a buck at GoodWill in Barrie just before I moved here. It has a bee inside, kind of cute. Beside it are the rechargeable batteries for the camera. They really needed time to plugin after being away so much longer than I had planned.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Scroll back to start at the beginning, much like an Alice in Wonderland thing. No White Rabbits were harmed in the making of this basement apartment tour.

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3 thoughts on “Where I Live: The End of the Tour”

  1. You didn’t point out the most important thing of all…your window πŸ™‚

    I agree with Happy, it looks better than I thought by the way you previously described it. You just need some pictures up on the wall to make it seem more homey, and you’ll be all set. Maybe even some mirrors to make it seem bigger.

    Ummmmmmm, never mind, don’t take decorating advice from me. I really suck at it…lol. I enjoyed the tour. I may even do one myself πŸ™‚

  2. It’s not horrible here. I did some editing on the photos, lightened them cause they were pretty hard to see otherwise and made sure some things were out of the frame or cropped.

    I’m jealous cause Sherry has a nice house which looks like it just popped out of a magazine. Too bad I didn’t get some photos the night I was there. It was something to aspire to. I even began sorting out more here. But I ran out of places to stash things.

    Skye, I’d enjoy seeing your tour. You don’t have to include anything that would identify you if you are worried about privacy. I would enjoy seeing your place. πŸ™‚

    Thanks Happy. πŸ™‚

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