Dollies all Washed Up

I found a bunch more of them at Value Village the other day. I gave them all a bubble bath in the sink, along with the forks, spoons, coffee mugs and plates. But they seemed to think it was fine. I let them dry off in the tanning bed. I didn’t tell them it wasn’t really about getting a tan. Dollies are so gullible.

3 thoughts on “Dollies all Washed Up”

  1. I find it amusing, you and your dolls. Are we getting more childlike as we age? A couple of years ago I started buying plush toys. I kept meaning to give them away, but ended up keeping them for myself.

  2. My Grandmother was pretty practical. But, one of the best things I ever gave her, that she treasured, was a stuffed toy. I don’t even remember what it was now. I was so surprised that she even liked it at all. My Mom wasn’t. She knew, somehow. 🙂

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