Six Sentences: New Fallen Snow

6S – Six Sentences

It’s simple. Just write six sentences. Say anything you like.

A snowflake fell past the window, softly, like a teardrop. Beyond her dark silhouette, reflected on the window, the motel room was quiet. The man on the bed, silent, like the snow. Only the good die young; she could expect to live a very long time. Outside the snow flew past the window, faster, becoming a blizzard. She picked up her coat and left, a fire breathing dragon disappearing into the snow.

7 thoughts on “Six Sentences: New Fallen Snow”

  1. Very cool! What could it mean?

    She got into her car and lit a long slender cigarette. The butt burning bright red as she took a drag in. She blew the blue/grey smoke into the night air as she rolled down the window of her BMW A340, snow flakes trying to make their escape inside. Her camera by her side, it had been a long night of picture taking. The scene secured for the for her by Forensics. Who could have done this to this man?

  2. L Lady (aka RockerChick) that is excellent. We could make our own six sentence story with those two characters. 🙂 I love that you wrote that, thank you.

    I’m not really sure what character I wrote was doing. I had written her as a hit woman at one point but changed my mind. The abused woman has been done so much in fiction I didn’t want to go there either. Maybe she’s the sister of the abused woman.

    There was a girl/ woman grabbed right on the street where I work yesterday evening. Just heard about it as I was leaving work tonight. Made me think about all of that again.

  3. Yes, we need a strong woman for this role. She could be someone who is abused and gets satisfaction in taking crime scene pictures to help the law catch these unlawful creatures in society. Her contribution to helping victims of crime, even when they are deceased. We should give her a strong name “KATE WINSLOW or something…Rachel Levy or no name at all…mysteriouso!

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