Blog Talkers: What Do You Read?

Blog Talkers: What book is on your nightstand now? Tell us about it, post a blurb. If you’re reading it, do you like it? If you haven’t started, what are your expectations? Would you recommend it to a good friend? What type of stories do you like to read the most often? Why?

I’m reading the last in the The Circle trilogy by Nora Roberts, her vampire paranormal fiction try. The writing is ok but I find her books kind of drag on and then have a few good spots, just enough to keep you going to the end. But, overall I wouldn’t add her as one of my favourites.

I don’t keep books on my nightstand. I always have the book I’m reading crammed into my purse for any moment I manage to get away for a coffee after work and before catching the bus for home/ work.

My favourite reading is something science fiction. I really like stories about the end of the world/ civilization and how people manage to regroup and survive a huge change to their lifestyle and the planet itself. I read one (which I can’t remember the title or author now) about having a biochemical in the air which caused all oil based products, like plastic, gas, etc, to break down and dissolve. That made an interesting story, had a huge impact on everyday life and the planet too.

I also read paranormal fiction. Also known as the vampire stuff. I resisted all the vampire stuff for a few years as it become more and more popular. I finally started reading it cause the writers I like were writing it. I still am not a vampire groupie but I like the aspect of it being another culture, underground and yet existing with the everyday. I think the book I have most liked lately as just a story idea was Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. It was also an underground culture, existing on the fringes of our own. Mainly I like anything written well, not violent and gross, which is about something really creative which show a change in the day to day existence, an option not considered in the everyday normal stuff.

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  1. Hi Laura!
    I thought when you said paranormal stuff you meant like ghostly things not vampire. I find that interesting!

    I like whimsical sci-fi fantasy myself at times.

    I am sad that Blog Talkers has dwindled down to just a few people.
    I like visiting your blog.

  2. Nora Roberts writing about Vampires? Hmmm…interesting. I’ve read a few of her books, quite saucy, so guess she would take on the vampire genre. Her books are in the category of ‘you read a few, you’ve read them all’ in my book. I too love paranormal fiction, my latest fav being Charles deLint books, he writes Urban Fantasy.

  3. I love vampire/paranormal stuff, but more the non-fiction variety. Mine is up too, at the moment I’m reading true crime. I really would like to get into more fiction, and Nora sounds goodly!

  4. I am reading a thriller/detective tale at the moment, along with about a hundred counselling textbooks 🙂

    I love vampire stuff, not read any for ages though.

  5. Thanks Jean. I like the paranormal fiction that includes a whole subculture with witches, shapeshifters and etc. The more the merrier. A story really catches my interest if the writer has created a new culture for the characters. Existing on the fringes or underground of the every day.

    I keep doing BlogTalkers and including the link, hoping it will get momentum again.

  6. I started reading vampire fiction with MacAllister, can’t think of her first name at the moment. But, one of my favourites is Kelley Armstrong.

    I read one Anne Rice. I think it was the first in her series which included Lasher. It was awhile ago and I forget the name of the book itself. I didn’t like it. Just a little too much on the creepy side for me.

    I will look for Charles DeLint, I’ve seen the name but have not tried one of his books yet.

    The next series I’m going to start is a witch one – Yasmine Galenorn. I think I still need to find the middle book in the trilogy. Sometimes I buy a book, put it away and can’t remember if I have it for sure. Silly how you hide things on yourself.

  7. I’m a big fan of end-of-the-world-type scenarios also. Rebuilding civilization. That type of thing. I mostly follow that in movie form, though.

    For vampire books, I really enjoy Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and J.R. Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

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