Defeated Upheaval Attempt #2

Trying to move this behemoth to my own domain. The insanity will continue tonight when I get back from work. For now, I know it’s missing things.

If anyone has experience in moving from Blogspot to a domain let me know. I’m having some difficulties. Just hope nothing was lost today in the defeated upheaval attempt.


Doing it the FTP way doesn’t work with my template. Makes me have the most basic template and I don’t want to go back to that. So I’m back here again. Sent email to my web host/ domain people at Will see if they can tell me what I need to know about the CNAME and DNS Settings stuff.

Does anyone know if you can use the advanced template settings then or are you still restricted to the old classic version? The one without widgets. Cause that kind of sucked after all I have done to get where I am with this template.

8 thoughts on “Defeated Upheaval Attempt #2”

  1. I moved a blogspot blog to a domain where I installed Word Press, and it converted pretty well. The WP import tool is decent. There were some formatting bumps in some of the old posts I had to smooth out afterward, but overall it was relatively painless. I’m contemplating doing the same thing for my Caught In The Stream blog, but hesitant to move all my current readers to a new location.

  2. I think you EntreCard widget might have gotten misplaced in the aborted move today.

    I’m curious how the move goes. I hope you’ll post any lessons you learn in the process.

  3. I can’t help you, being strictly a basic Blogspot user, with a little template help from a friend. Perhaps YOU could tell ME the code I need to insert in my template to make the Canadian blogroll “roll up” – it shows all the links in a long list and it takes up too much space. Keep in minds it must be “Code for Dummies.”

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