Project Wonderful

I didn’t think much of Project Wonderful when I first began to notice it on various blogs. I don’t think much of most sites which claim to give payouts to bloggers. They all seem to never actually get to the point where they pay out a cent. But I put it up on Word Grrls and so far, I have made 4 cents with PW, literally overnight. Four cents isn’t much but at this rate I could actually see a pay out. That would be a change!

I’m considering adding it to this blog as well. Working on a new layout at the moment so it can wait till that is done.

4 thoughts on “Project Wonderful”

  1. I hope you’ll continue to report on Project Wonderful. If it really is wonderful, I might consider putting it on one of my blogs. Probably the one that isn’t on EC yet. 🙂

  2. I am liking it so far. Starting day three. Seems it is basically a matter of setting it up with the size you want on your site (dimensions and number of ads you want appearing there). Also, one thing I did not do in time, was to set up an ad price. I left mine to start at zero cents. So, people can get freebies from mine. I will change that when I can.

    After you set up the ad and put it on your site, activate it through their site. Then you just look at the sites who want to be on your site. You can accept or reject them. Those you accept are in an auction as they call it. The auction winner is the one who bids highest. They get the space available on your site ads.

    The others you accepted are in kind of limbo until a space becomes available, or they bid higher.

    This is what I have worked out so far. I think I will run it on That Grrl too. Just looking at an upheaval in the template/ layout right now and PW is in the backburner until then.

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