Avoid Custom Domains with Blogger

I am so frustrated! Blogger says we can have our blog on a custom domain but I think what they really mean is we can buy one through them or just twist in the wind if we do it with any other domain seller. I have been trying thegrrl.com for a few weeks. It would only load about half the time. If you assumed the blog was still online and refreshed awhile it would eventually come up. Otherwise it was 404 over and over again. Very aggravating. I had emails and notes from several people letting me know my blog was not available. Thank you to those of you who sent a note. I appreciate you caring enough to let me know there was a problem.

Tonight I have set the blog back to Blogger, on blogspot. I will do something else. But, for tonight it is back. I hope. Have sent an email to my host to see if I need to change anything from their side to finalize the move.

I am thinking to try Movable Type on that domain. If I can migrate all the content from this blog over to MT. I will not be using WordPress. I will have a look at Injader, Ben’s CMS too.

Anyway, for now I hope it is back and will be loading a lot better.

I’m also on the look out for a new template/ layout so I can get rid or at least hide more of the clutter here. It’s beginning to bug even me!

5 thoughts on “Avoid Custom Domains with Blogger”

  1. It does sound like they are discriminating against anyone not using their approved services. My other domain thatgrrl.ca is from the same company as thegrrl.com and I have only had thatgrrl.ca go down twice for a short time in 4 years. Where thegrrl.com is down more than half the time I try to load it.

  2. My domain has nothing to do with Blogger and it’s always been fine.. I’m betting there is some little setting you’ve maybe missed which will hopefully make all the difference..

  3. If you have been blogging for a while, shifting to a custom domain from blogspot through Google can be very irritating. New posts seem to vanish and do not appear in Google web and blog searches.

    After 15 days of frustration, I too have reverted to my blogspot sub domain.

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