This Blog is Massively Under Construction, Yet Again

At least this time all my widgets aren’t lost. Kind of nice not to have to do those all over again.

I will be fixing the footer, the header, some code missing for the sidebar and the background. I thought I would do it tonight but time is catching up with me and I’m getting too sleepy to be sharp enough to use my brain for looking at CSS code.

I want to use the background as my main layout. Not sure how to describe the plan. But there is a plan. Really.

Update: I have been away a day longer than I was expecting. Just got back tonight. Some good photos but couldn’t do anything with the layout. Will be online tomorrow. Too tired to do more than check email tonight.

3 thoughts on “This Blog is Massively Under Construction, Yet Again”

  1. I’m always excited and horrified when I try to change anything on my blog. I’m so not computer savvy, and I’m always afraid that I will just blow the thing up completely, lol!

    It always works out in the end, though. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours!

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