I’m itchy and yucky feeling. My throat is sore, even ice cream didn’t help beyond a slight freezing for a few seconds. I have a Christmas tree pulled upstairs to put up and I have people over-running the house who don’t fit into friends or family, not for me anyway. I’m sick of renovations that drag on for years. I’m fed up with worrying about money when the bills don’t reflect reality, at least not mine. And I’m cold too. We have already gotten a few feet of snow outside. I should write something more interesting but I just feel too yucky.

2 thoughts on “Yucky”

  1. This time of the year stresses me out too much. I always get sick! My throat was sore as well and now I have larygitis, no voice. I’m at work today and not answering my phone and I left my cell at my mother in laws so I can’t text people who call me to let them know I can’t speak…lol.
    I hope you feel better, it’s going around.

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