Funny Valentine is Faulty

The date tonight was a no show. I had a pretty strong feeling he was going to not show up or cancel (preferred option as I didn’t really NEED to freeze waiting for the bus to and from). But, I showed up cause I had said I would.

I did think he might come. We had been talking about a mutual interest in the paranormal, local history and the old buildings. But, I was there early and waited until quarter after when I had to leave to catch the bus home. (Didn’t really want to spend a half hour waiting for the next one).

On the plus side, I did finish the book I was reading and the coffee I got at the Second Cup was pretty good. Not as good as the caramelo flavour or the latte would have been. I decided to try something else.

Update: It is 3:30 AM and I am at my sister’s house, just finishing the last of my laundry. It has gotten way behind with Sears not getting the new machine working for so long. I am happy to feel clean, warm clothes again, especially when they are my own and not the laundry I have done for my sister’s family here. Anyway, I did hear from my Friday evening date. He was just late. Actually, must have missed me by the barest minute. I left at quarter after. Poked around, taking a few photos of the lights on main street. Then headed up to catch the bus. He got there about 18 minutes after. My coffee cup was still on the table even. So we will try again.

Funny how the same thing happened last week with a different guy. In that case he started talking about sex, sex, sex and sex and when I didn’t have the right answers for him he just forgot I existed. I am sure that is why I decided I was stood up again tonight rather than waiting until tomorrow to be sure. I did check email just before I left Barrie to come out here tonight though. That was about 8:30. So I wasn’t too quick to jump to conclusions. Quick enough maybe, on messy, snowy night. But, I didn’t blow a gasket at least.

I am so tired now. Just need to flip the last load into the dryer. I really hope the dryer from Sears works and that is not the next thing I need to deal with. I want a break. One day without problems I didn’t cause. Really, doesn’t is seem fair that you should only have to deal with the stuff you have messed up yourself? Isn’t that enough?

Nightie night.

4 thoughts on “Funny Valentine is Faulty”

  1. Gee, Laura, I was tempted to open with "Do you like sex?", because apparently that's a really effective line… but chickened out at the last moment.

    Off-topic but I am checking out your Wink Widget at the bottom, and wow you are signed up for a hell of a lot of stuff. Holy cow (sorry, don't mean to offend any cow worshippers out there).

    Also, the subtle snow effect is great.

    PS, in answer to your Henry the Adequate enquiries – I have no current plans to continue the Henry story.

    Actually I have recently started reading again (specifically SF&F). Reading is waaaay easier than writing.

    Sometimes I wish I could draw.

  2. Keep working on those pick up lines Ben. Though from what I remembered you have already picked up someone. No wonder your pick up lines are… rusty.

    I keep joining things and then don’t really do anything else. Get lots of invites for social stuff online. Way too much of that stuff and I can only put in time to so much of anything social before they take away my hermit license.

    I’m glad you still have Henry up. Last year I started reading from the beginning again. Was interrupted and didn’t get back to it again, so far. Henry is a lot of fun to read! Yes, it is easier to read than to write. But you made it look easy – to write I mean. Other things you made look easy but never really, really proved you had ever actually done. 😉

    I’m also a reader of science fiction. An interesting idea always catches my attention.

  3. Well to be fair to myself that wasn’t my line – was just borrowing it from the guy in your previous post. Anyway, I never got to use any lines on account of that would require sufficient poise to remember a line when faced with a member of the opposite sex.

    Anyway, haven’t added anything to Henry, but did just change the WordPress theme…

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