Don’t Stitch Where you Eat has a post about gluebooks.

Gluebooks are a cross between art journals and collage. Collect the paper fallout from your daily life, and turn it into art!

Gluebooks seem to be what scrapbooks used to be, before the commercialism. Funny how things that really do last can overcome the hype and get back to what they really were, the basic essentials.

I kept a gluebook (formerly known as a scrapbook) when I was a kid. Just things I clipped out of the newspaper or magazines. One was all pictures that caught my eye for whatever reason. The other were all clippings about paranormal things. I don’t still have any of those old books.

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  1. I did the same as a child. I particularly enjoyed my occasional sick days at home, when I’d sit in bed and cut things out for my scrapbook. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we’d managed to keep them and see what we were thinking at that age…

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