Wasting Time While Time Wastes You

I don’t know what is wrong with me the last several weeks. I just can’t seem to get anything done. I’ve got a ton of things I should be doing, big and small, important and less important. Each morning I start thinking of how I can get started on at least some of the things. Making plans. But, next thing it is 5:00 and I’ve done nothing, none of the things I needed to do.

Tonight I have the fourth date with the guy who likes the paranormal. Maybe this time he will be there. I don’t feel like going. Part of it is that this is the fourth time I’ve tried to meet him and that alone seems excessive. Part of it is not having the money to spend on extra bus trips and coffee out. Part of it is that I haven’t gotten dressed yet today and could just stay this way until I go to bed tonight.

This isn’t me! I’ve usually got at least one thing I care about and want to do enough to pull me out of bed and into life each day. I know the answer is to just get up and get doing. I know that and yet… I can’t seem to get there.

My brother phoned, I heard his voice as the phone recorded the message. I haven’t listened to it. He will just have a list of his own of things for me to do. It just goes on and on and on. People can always find things you can do for them.

I think I will get out early for the coffee today. So what if I’m too early. At least I’m not just here watching useless TV and playing silly games on Facebook.

8 thoughts on “Wasting Time While Time Wastes You”

  1. Maybe it is just SAD. I’ve never had a problem with the winter before but this year I have been feeling tired of it.

    The date was ok. He came this time. But there was no romance. Weird how men think they can put so little effort into a date but still get sex out of it. I took the bus home alone, to say the least.

  2. I hate winter this year! I can’t wait til spring and get out there to take photos of everything and anything.

    I’m sorry your date was a bust!
    Was he at least interesting to talk to?

  3. Conversation was interesting. He talked on and on which was good in this case. But he hardly looked at me. Kept looking out the window away from me. It was strange. I always look people in the eye when I talk to them. A few times he asked what I thought about him/ where I wanted to go from there with him. He’s the same guy who sent me two digital photos of his cock and then apologized. So he is looking for a commitment for sex but trying to pretend he has more to offer. Meanwhile he didn’t bring me so much as a flower or offer to buy me a second coffee or say anything complimentary about me. Couldn’t even look at me during the conversation. There was nothing about him or his actions that made me want to jump into bed with him.

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