When you really think about it some of the stuff we cook/ bake is really kind of odd. Who ever got the idea to wrap fruit up in sugar and dough and then bake it for an hour? If you had never eaten a pie, would that sound just great and delicious to you?

We will be doing the Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend. The pie baking has begun. From Friday until sometime late on Sunday the house will be full of people. Times like these make me wonder if I was really meant to be a hermit. I know I’m not the social butterfly type. But, I never feel more like disappearing through a crack in the floor than when I am surrounded by family. Mostly they mean well. Mostly they don’t feel any need to censor themselves. Mostly they seem to look at me as if I’m the goodie goodie version of the black sheep of the family.

Anyway, enough about that.

Would you like to be a hermit? I think I would not like the grubby part of it. I’d rather have a shower, a hot one. I’d rather have lovely scented soap and shampoo. But it would be nice to be alone. There is something about being alone that makes me feel myself.

4 thoughts on “Hermitized!”

  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! That's why I insist on bringing my own alcoholic beverage to every family get together.. Lol.. I've never seen a group of people get together after not seeing each other – some of them – all year long and then argue about something that happened when they were 3! Of course ours is a big Italian family and there are plenty of back in the day/remember when you… Stories to last year round.. Funny they only seem to surface at the holidays, oh and funerals..
    I vote for hermitizing!

  2. I don't think being a hermit necessarily means living in an unheated shack without running water. I definitely have times I'd like to be a hermit. In fact, just two weekends ago I was at a mixed retreat in a convent and I thought, fleetingly, how nice it might be to join the handful of remaining nuns of that community. They aren't cloistered; they interact with the world; but they lead a simpler life and definitely have fewer dealings with humanity-at-large. That notion often appeals to me.

  3. I totally know how you feel because – me too! I dream of living on an island or in Northern Ontario (Manitoulin would be ideal) and writing and, you know, having shampoo and the internet. And my immediate family. And coffee etc. But – yeah. When we visit family I need lots and lots of breaks. I sort of need them in everyday life, too.

    I try to tell myself that this is How Writers Are. It is how I am anyway.

    We go out and eat on Thanksgiving. I save the baking etc for Christmas – it can still be warm in mid-October, you know! Not this year, but I'll think of some other excuse 🙂

    Happy three-day weekend coming up!

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