Masturbation Fantasies

Masturbation Fantasies: Originally posted to Adult BackWash, April 29, 2002

I’m guessing most people have something going on in their head while they give themselves an orgasm. I don’t think my fantasies are unusual. I just haven’t told anyone about them, before now.

In most of my fantasies I’m being seduced whether its by an older man (a Daddy/ teacher sort of situation) or I’m having a rape fantasy (not violent, its a seduction after all) by an alien or some non-human type thing like a machine. I also have bestiality fantasies. I think those are along the same lines as the rape fantasy, its all being seduced by something other than a human. A force you can’t reason with, talk to, etc. I know that has something to do with the appeal of these fanstasies to me.

These are not things I would actually like to do. But, fantasies are in a world of their own. You only imagine the good parts, the parts that turn you on. The reality would be very different and not at all pleasant. But, these are the things that seem to appeal to me while I’m sitting or lying around, stroking my clit.

On the other hand, the Domme fantasies are something I think I could do. Not really extreme stuff, although I could get to a point where I would be tempted to explore some of that. The crack of a whip would really add spice to the reality versus fantasy. But, that is something I could learn to do.

One thing that does not interest me is forced feminization. As a women that is insulting really. Both as something that needs to be forced and as something that a man could attain so easily. I don’t know why men want to be women, or attempt to dress as one. Women don’t seem to be flocking for forced masculinization. I wonder how men would feel if forced masculinization became a fetish.

I also don’t like whimpy style male submissives. They make it seem kind of gross in a way. Its more like you are just part of his jerk off fantasy than something that should be good for both of you. But, a male submissive who brings you into the fantasy, one who can crack a joke, let you seduce him and submit, especially when he doesn’t really want to. That is the kind of submissive male that I fantasize about.

When I do fantasize about a male submitting to me its along the lines of a Sharon Green story. I don’t know if she is still writing her femdom style fiction. They were a good read. I started reading them years ago and the warrior women, especially those in the tribe with the Goddess Mida stayed in my fantasies for a long time. I would see myself as one of the women in the tribe using men as they did. They had some kind of drug they gave them and then they tied the men down on the ground, spread eagled, and whoever could throw her spear farthest would win the first crack at the new male captive. I didn’t always win. Sometimes I came back late from hunting and the man was already worn out. He would beg not to be used any more. But, I would trick him into taking the drug again and then I would use him in spite of his protests.

I guess that’s why I really need a Switchy man. Someone who could submit and be submitted to as the fantasy occurs.

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