A Cure for Cursing

A Cure for Cursing: Originally published on Adult BackWash,  May 08, 2002  

tom was tired and hungry, the day had been cold and wet. He spent most of it outside in line to get the theatre tickets his Governess had requested. Now all he wanted was a hot shower, dinner and a snuggle of appreciation from her sometime before bed. She might even have dinner ready for him tonight. No matter how submissive he became he still liked some of the dominant “cave man” ways. Walking in and smelling dinner waiting gave him that feeling of coming home to relax after work.

He was taking off his rain soaked coat when his Governess came out, not from the kitchen as he had hoped but from her office in the spare room. “Did you get the tickets tom?”

Not even a hello first, tom grumbled to himself, “I got them.” He held them out to her, noticing for the first time their slightly soggy texture. One was so damp it folded over limply on his hand. He frowned at the tickets, “I’m sure they will be fine once we dry them a bit. Its really wet outside.”

“You let them get wet? I hope the ink hasn’t run.” She said.

tom looked at them and realized the dates and seating stamped on the tickets had run and were now an unreadable blur, “Shit!” He exclaimed.

“What did you say tom?” Her eyes snapped to his face, her mouth thinned in anger.

“It just slipped out. I’m sorry, can’t we just let it go this one time?” pleaded tom, his head lowered in a submissive posture.

“No tom, not this time or any other time. ” His Governess walked away, leaving him holding the tickets and wondering what he was in for now. He doubted dinner and a cuddle were coming his way any time soon.

He stood in his wet coat for awhile then decided she wouldn’t really expect him to stand there and catch a cold like an idiot. In the bedroom he took off everything and hung up his coat and suit to dry. The rest was dumped into the laundry basket in the bathroom. He looked to see if he was still on his own and then turned on the shower and stepped in. It was a fast shower, just in case his Governess should decide to deprive him. tom knew she was more than just annoyed. It was one of the few things she found really offensive and though most people wouldn’t have even noticed the odd curse she always did.

tom dried off and went into the bedroom to find something to put on. She was there ahead of him. She held his slave outfit. It was hardly an outfit really, just some skimpy underwear. She had made him buy them last Christmas . In the front of the underwear was a long Christmas stocking into which his cock was meant to be stuffed. Under the stocking were Christmas presents which held his balls. tom groaned to himself but took them from her hand and pulled them on to the tops of his legs. He knew he was to wait for her to adjust him into the stocking and presents.

She took his balls first, pulled the pants up around his hips then lowered his balls into the correct position. To stuff his cock into the stocking she needed to pull the panties away from his hips and then slowly work the fabric down the shaft of his cock. Once his cock was inside to her satisfaction she pulled the panties up his hips, smoothing them over his bottom and sliding a finger around the leg holes.

tom was beginning to feel chilly after his shower. “May I wear my robe Lady? I don’t want to catch a cold. I had to wait in the rain for the tickets and I was rained on again coming home.” tom asked.

“Not yet, you will put yourself across my knees first.” She opened the “toy drawer” and brought out the thick wooden paddle. “Pick a number between five and ten tom.”

“Do we really have to do this. I’m not in the mood to play really. It’s been a wet and miserable day and I just want to have dinner and go to bed.” tom said, impatiently.

“It’s all your game tom. You wanted to play. The only problem is that the rules are all mine. Now bring the chair out from the corner like a good little boy.” She answered him, a tiny wicked smile on her lips.

“Fine!” Grumbled tom, settling the chair by the foot of the bed as he knew she expected. “Five then. So I get twenty smacks with the paddle cause there were four letters in the word I used and five times four is twenty.”

“Very good tommy.” She sat in the chair, her thighs slightly apart, ready to take his weight. “I’m ready. Get into the position tommy.” At his reluctance she instructed, “The sooner we start the sooner we finish.”

tom stretched his 6’3 body over his smaller Governess. Part of the humiliation of being spanked was in being held by a woman who was only 5’5. The first few times he had been worried about putting too much of his weight on her. But after a couple of long and hard spanking sessions he soon forgot her discomfort during his own greater discomfort. She took his cock and closed her thighs around it, squeezing and teasing him. His panties were pulled down in back and settled under the cheeks of his bottom.

tom grunted in surprise. Her little teasing always made the first smack a jolt for tom. With each smack his body would bounce on her knees and his cock would pull between her thighs. The rubbing made each attack on his ass a pleasure for his cock. If she allowed him to orgasm spanking would be something he could look forward to. But of course a spanking was not given for his pleasure rather it was for his discipline and being deprived of orgasm was part of it.

The next one came down harder and landed just under the curve of his cheeks, the more sensitive area. “Two” said tom.

She was only at six when tom began to feel the urge to pump his cock between her firmly gripping thighs. If not for the fabric of the panties his cock would be sliding more than rubbing between her legs from the precum. Of course she knew this and the next smacks came in rapid succession to help him bring his mind back to the discipline being administered to his bottom.

“Eleven, Governess” counted tom.

“I think you added one tom, we are only at ten by my count.” She smacked him twice, “Now you may continue your count from ten.”

“Thank you, Governess.”

She paused at seventeen. “Lets try something a little new tommy.” Her hand moved from his back to his bottom cheeks, she held them open and put the paddle on his ass. “The paddle is too big, but we will try it next time with the spoon.” The last smacks were hard and she took her time, gathering her strength for each one. Each landed on different parts of his bottom the side of his left cheek, right on the crack of his bottom and just under the right cheek by the top of his leg.

“Twenty”, tom grunted.

“Get up.” tom stood. She examined his bottom, getting the cream and smoothing it over his cheeks. tom sighed as some of the burning feeling left, not enough to make him feel relief, just enough to make it bearable. “You may get your robe and then tidy the room.”

She had gone when he turned around with his robe. He looked at the bed and for a moment was tempted to crawl into it. But that wouldn’t be part of her plans and anyway he still had some hope of having dinner. He sighed. His hand was on the door when he realized she had left his slave collar and leash on the door knob. He put them on before leaving the room. The robe which was a rich green colour and very thick and long made him feel like an old king or at least some actor of olde. It was an interesting contrast to wear the slave panties, collar and leash with it.

She had been wearing her own robe. It was a deep, rich red also full and long. She had sewn it herself just so it would be exactly what she wanted. She had made his too but it was a little different. His had a hood which could close around his whole face if she chose to do so. Inside the sleeves were extra ties which could be pulled out to restrict his arms something like a straight jacket idea. The only other unique feature was at the bottom , all along his hem and up to his chin, was a zipper. When she zipped him up his legs were caught inside. This always reminded him of a baby’s snowsuit, whatever they called those bag like things. Wearing it zippered made him feel foolish, as if he was trapped in a paper bag and couldn’t fight his way out.

Eventually tom was out of excuses to stay in the bedroom. He could hear her out there, plotting. He found her lurking in the kitchen, ready for him.

“Open your mouth tom.” She squirted dish washing soap into his mouth. “Do not swallow that until I allow you to. For the rest of this night at least you will not have control over your mouth. You will not speak, you will not bite or chew your food without permission, you will not yawn, sigh, laugh or open your mouth to so much as breathe without my approval. Nod if you understand.”

tom nodded. The soap in his mouth was making him want to gag. It seemed to reach into the back of his throat and sting, making him feel desparate to produce more spit and get rid of it. His mouth began to fill with spit as the soap taste triggered more and more of it. He tried to use the spit to get the taste of soap from settling in on his tongue. His swishing made her perk an eyebrow. He understood this was using his mouth against her wishes and he forced himself to stop in hopes that co-operation would end the torment sooner.

Taking his leash she led him into the kitchen. “Spit into the sink, you will not rinse your mouth out.” When he finished he was led to the kitchen counter. She tied his leash off to one of the drawer knobs near the fridge. “Make the salad. You can reach everything from where you are.”

She left the kitchen. tom waited a few seconds then tried to reach the sink. The leash was keeping him just out of reach. He was desparate for some water , anything liquid to get the soap out of his mouth. It tasted awful. Most of all he knew anything he was allowed to eat would be spoiled by it. If he wasn’t so hungry he could have skipped dinner and just gone to bed. Not that he would be allowed to do that when his Governess had some new and creative idea in the works for his benefit. He held back a sigh, just in case she was listening.

“I have ordered Chinese tom.” She called from the living room, “When the salad is ready you may sit on the floor and wait to be brought in for dinner .”

tom made the salad. The lettuce and vegetable had already been washed, giving him no excuse to get closer to the sink and water. When he was finished he sat on the floor, waiting.

He heard the doorbell. Moments later she came in the kitchen, took a coke from the fridge, and set it on the counter within his reach. For a moment he thought she was going to leave it there for him. But she only brought out a glass filled it with ice cubes and let him watch while she poured in the coke. Of course she didnt even leave the empty can in case he might manage to get a few drops of coke.

“You seem a little angry tonight tom. Perhaps you need some stress relief.” She laughed wickedly. “I still have that feather duster. I could dust your bottom and balls again.” She pulled on his leash and tom stood up. “Would that make you feel better little man?” Her hand reached inside the robe, pulling his panties down in back. She stroked his cheeks, allowing a finger to slide into his crack and stroke him a little deeper.

tom moaned with pleasure at her touch. It was a mistake. She pinched his bottom hard, “You have no permission to use your mouth little man, don’t do it again.” Her hands slid around to his front playing with the Christmas stocking and presents. She tormented him, daring him to make any noise while her fingers rubbed his shaft and smoothed over his balls. tom was clutching the edge of the counter and breathing raggedly somehow managing to remain silent while she toyed with him.

“How lovely and well stuffed your stocking is little man. But I bet I can make it harder still.” She opened his robe in front and rubbed her fingers over his nipple, creating tight little buds. tom had to bite his tongue to hold in a whimper. Between her thumb and fingers she rolled his nipple, gently squeezing it now and then. Then she leaned in, pressed her face into the side of his neck and scraped her teeth along his skin until her jaw closed and she was biting him. tom held on to the counter, desperately trying not to let any sound escape.

Laughing at his torment, she released him and adjusted his panties, “Bring plates, dinner is here.”

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