How to Look Good Naked for Blogging Grrls

Have you ever taken a photo of your own breast? I was thinking about a few things today: beauty, youth, fit versus fat and what it feels like to be a grrl (woman, girl, etc). One of the most intimate and erotic things I have done for myself (other than masturbation and even that gets routine) was taking scans and then photos of my own breasts. Mainly including the nipple otherwise it could be a leg or anything covered with enough flesh and skin.

I think we should have our own How to Look Good Naked thing. Just for the grrl bloggers. Keep it a secret if you really can’t make yourself post something. But, come on, screw up your courage and liberate yourself. Have a Godiva moment and scan or photgraph your naked boob and post it to your blog. Use a title about How to Look Good Naked. If I start it today can we all do it? Don’t let me be the only one.

You’ll be surprised at how sexy and erotic it feels to take a picture of your own breast. But this isn’t an adult content thing. Just a woman thing. Breasts are such a big part of being a woman: as a sexy part and a life giving part. Whether we have an A cup or a huge cup, whether we have smooth skin or skin healed from surgery… just try it. Do it for yourself and then boldly post it. Leave me a link or just email me that you did it. But, try to post your photo or scan too. It’s fun to be so daring and liberating to share something incredibly intimate and personal, a real part of yourself.

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