Suit and Tie

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Saturday April 19, 2003

“Hmm.. Have I told you lately how much I really like a man in a suit?” She purred, her warm breath lifting the hairs along the back of his neck.

“Yes, I think you have, once or twice, usually just when you’re working on getting me out of my suit.” He laughed wickedly.

“That’s just a coincidence.” She said. Standing in front of him she leaned into his chest, biting his chin lightly, holding it between her teeth a few seconds. Her tongue played over the stubble left from a long day away at the office.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence, especially since it seems to be happening again, right now.” His hands wrapped snugly around her waist, fitting her even closer to his body.

A button popped off his white dress shirt as she pulled it from his pants roughly, not caring about buttons as much as skin. Her fingers trailed softly up from his waistband, up over his belly to tease his nipples. “If I say it’s a coincidence, that’s what it is. Domme is always right.” She grinned.

“Is that how it works?”

“Yes.” One of her hands wandered over his belly, past his waistband and over his pants to tease the bulge of his cock. “I made dinner and cleaned everything in the kitchen. All that’s left for you to do is serve dinner. But you better take off your suit, in case it gets messy.”

“That’s a good idea, in case you make me get messy.” He teased.

She looked up at him with raised eyebrow just the barest trace of a smile on her lips. “You don’t need me to be messy. Want to test the theory tonight?”

“I don’t think so, testing theories with you is dangerous work. I’d need more insurance.”

She laughed, kissed him and stepped back to admire the mussed up look of him. “You look good in a suit. But you’ll look even better in just a tie. Why don’t you go fold your suit all nice and tidy then come serve dinner. Keep the tie on.”

“What if my tie gets messy?”

“…and what if it doesn’t, won’t that be even more disappointing for you?” She leered at him like the villainess in an old movie.

“Ahh” he sighed, “A woman after my own heart.”

“More like a woman after her own dinner. I’m hungry, don’t take too long.”

He came back and found her sitting in front of the TV, two TV tray tables in front of the couch. A commercial for toothpaste was on as he went into the kitchen to serve dinner. He had expected to serve at the table as they always did. Where did she get TV trays from anyway?

“Dinner is served!” He announced, placing a plate in front of her and his own next to it. “Would you like anything to drink with dinner?”

“Not yet. Come sit down beside me.” It wasn’t easy to get comfortable with a hot plate and a bare lap. The TV tray wasn’t in easy reach for him. She managed just fine though.

“I think I’ll just move to the regular table. I don’t want anything to spill off my plate.” He decided.

Before he stood up she reached into his lap, pushing him back down. “No, you stay here, right beside me. If you sit forward you’ll be able to reach the TV tray just fine.” So, that’s what he did. He was managing all right and nearly finished dinner when her fingers walked their way into his lap.

She was finished and ready for something else. But she wasn’t looking at him, her gaze was focused on the TV. A comedy was on, he wasn’t sure which one. Being pretty much naked sitting next to her was a big distraction.

Trying to be nonchalant, he opened his thighs, giving her fingers more options. She took them. Slipping her hand around his cock she found the balls. Her touch was light, stroking his balls, finding that place just underneath. When he was fully erect she stopped.

“If you’re finished you can clear away the dinner things now. The TV trays fold up and there is enough space between the stove and counter to store them.”

“Could it wait for later?” He asked.

“Later than what?” She asked.

“Well, I’m kind of in the middle of something…”

“Yes, you are.” She leaned over, put her hands on his shoulders and sealed her mouth over his, kissing him deeply, pressing her body into his. “Now you’re even more in the middle of something, but you still need to tidy up.” She smiled as their noses touched. “Come back for the big finish.” She giggled, licking his stubbly cheek.

With a huge dramatic sigh he stood up, picked up the dishes and left. In the kitchen he rinsed off the dishes and left them to wash later. When he came back for the TV trays she was topless. But, he pretended not to notice. He left with the trays, put them away and waited. The clock hands ticked out one full minute before he walked back out to her. Then he just flopped down on the couch, just out of her reach.

Of course, his erection spoiled the whole act.

“Is this for me?” She asked as she leaned over and kissed the tip of his cock.

“Have you been a good girl, do you deserve a treat?”

“No, I haven’t been good at all. I’ve spent the day plotting my husband’s downfall.”

“Hmmm, he doesn’t look too down.” He said.

“He’s just trying to be nice about it. I’m spoiled you know?” She stood up and pulled off her jeans. Tonight’s panties were red satin with a tiny bow on the front. Just inches from the bow he could see the beginning of a wet spot from her pussy.

“Spoiled? How?” He asked, trying to keep focused on the banter.

Sitting astride his leg she said, “Well, he never says no to me when I do something like this. See what I mean?”

“Ummm yes…”

She picked up his hand and slipped his fingers into the front of her panties. “Or this…” She said. Her hips rocked forward to trap his hand. She picked up his tie, still around his neck and pulled his head to her waiting lips. A soft kiss, dainty licks around his lips, then, when he started to push his tongue into her mouth she bit it and held it between her teeth. Not hard enough to be painful, just enough to keep it there.

Deciding that was enough foreplay he pushed his fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit. His other hand found her breast and the hard nipple. She had to release his tongue as she arched her back and tightened her thighs around his leg.

Now her breasts were in easy reach for sucking on. He took the nipple into his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue and teeth. She moaned. Her pussy was very wet and his fingers were coated with her juices. She was ready. But he was almost beyond ready. The panties nearly ripped in his urgency to get them out of the way. Using both hands he lifted her hips and waited while she guided his aching cock inside her wet pussy. Then he was inside and she tightened around him, pulling him deeper, making them both moan and wriggle.

“I’m so spoiled.” She whispered. He pumped himself into her pussy, hardly aware as she removed his tie. Her breasts bounced as he thrust up into her. He stood up, gripping her hips as her legs wrapped tightly around him. He carried her into the bedroom and fell onto the bed with her on top. Then he noticed the tie in her hands as it dangled down sweeping over his chest.

“Put up your hands.” She wrapped the tie around his wrists then looped them through the hooks in the wall. From there it was all her game. She bit his nipples, teased her fingers over his arms, chest and even reached back to tickle his thighs. His gasps, whimpers and moans excited her. Her own moans had him tight fisted, fighting for control and the focus to hold off until she let him come.

Grinding her hips, clenching around his cock she finally orgasmed. Her pussy spasmed once, twice, and then a third time before she gave him the command, “Now!”. He came so hard and fast he thought he would buck her right off the bed. But she hung on, riding him to the end.

At last they lay panting together. He reached to pull up a blanket, forgetting he was tied. She grinned up at him. “You really do look good in just a tie and now your arms won’t get in the way if I want to have my way with you later.” She laughed softly, wriggling into his side, finding the blanket and covering them both, for at least a little while.