How to Write a Great Adult Dating Profile

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Be Honest About Yourself and What you Want

Don’t lie about anything.It’s much easier to meet someone you haven’t lied to.

Don’t lie about your weight, height, and personal appearance in general.

Don’t claim to love animals and children, if you don’t.

Don’t claim to be a non-smoker if you’re still trying to quit.

Really know what you want when it comes to a serious relationship or something quick and meaningless. Choose to place your ad on an adult dating site which suits your needs. Don’t look for one night stands on a site which focuses on making real connections, couples and long term romance.

Make sure you say what you want from a relationship upfront and look for others who do the same. Anyone who can’t give you specifics is not a good risk.

Decide on three things you must have in the person you are looking for. Sticking to three which are most important leaves you open to meeting people who might not fit the cookie cutter ideal you want but could turn out to be great, better than the ideal you have carried around in your imagination.

Make a list of thing most important things you want someone to know about yourself. Put them in order of importance and write about them in that order. When someone reads your profile they will get a sense of who you are and what is most important to you.

Explain and illustrate your points. Don’t write an essay but if you can show a little depth and knowledge about your interests you seem to be someone who really does care about whatever you are writing about AND you will be putting more effort into meeting someone and caring about communicating with them.

A Little Modesty Goes a Long Way

People will be more attracted and believe a profile which does not sound like a bragging loud mouth. Write about your achievements, your best features but don’t go overboard on selling them. Let them be found rather than broadcasting them.

People like discovering on their own rather than being led around and told what to think.

Write About Who you Really Are, Not Who you Think you Should Be

Don’t write a profile where you have no flaws. Write about yourself with flaws included. But, you don’t have to make yourself sound bad. If you’re working to quit smoking – say that. It’s always good to write about things you are working on changing for the better. But, even things you can’t change might fit right in with someone else who has flaws of their own.

Don’t claim interests and hobbies you haven’t ever done or haven’t done in years, unless you are honest about it. You can write about having an interest in sailing even if you only sailed once in your life. Just make it plain that you aren’t an expert (have only sailed once but loved it) and would like to find someone who shares your interest.

Start with a Great Opening Line

Just because your profile starts with the opening line doesn’ t mean you have to write it that way. Leave this for last, after you have written the rest of your profile and you have a feeling for the image of yourself you are giving and what you have already said about yourself.

Wrap up your good points and the basic information about your age, location and such in the opening line. Give people a reason to expect you are the person they want to find. But, don’t be boring about it. Think up an interesting way to introduce yourself.

“Busy 40ish photographer in Smalltown, Ontario looking for a woman with creative flair.”

Active, single Mom in Smalltown, Ontario looking for a single Dad jogging partner.”

Don’t Skip the Photo

When you post a photo don’t show nudity, don’t be underdressed, try for a casual everyday look. Dressing up in a suit and tie or cocktail dress is great. But, too much will make you seem insincere and phony. All flash on the surface, without real depth.

Don’t look directly into the camera for your profile photo. It can put people off cause you seem to be glaring or too intense. Smiling is a good thing too. The best profile photo is one where you look relaxed.

Spelling Counts!

Don’t post or leave your profile as finished and ready to go live until you have checked your spelling, punctuation and grammar. You may not be an English professor but you can use software to check your spelling. You can read your profile out loud and hear how it sounds. Does it make sense. Does it flow or seem kind of awkward. Fix it before you post it.

How to Decide if Someone is Sincere About Meeting

Can they verify they live in your area? Do they know about local places like restaurants and locations? Can they tell you anything someone couldn’t have found by looking at Google Maps?

Do they talk about themselves? Do they tell you enough to make you feel connected to a real person?

Do they ask questions about you? Do you feel they want to get to know you beyond the photo you provided on the dating site? Or, do they not ask you anything about who you are or seem to really want to find out how well you could match up together?

Are they willing to talk on the phone about getting together and making plans? Do they give you a phone number with a local area code?

Does their dating profile show real photos, of themselves? Does the photo match the text description on the site?

Do they go ahead and make plans and then show up? Or do they cancel or change their mind… Beware giving out second chances. You could be started in a relationship where you just get strung along.

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