What is Nudity?

Nudity in art.I write for HubPages. One thing which I find interesting there is he concept of adult content. When I posted text art (ASCII art) of nude women the post was quickly flagged and pulled. Which meant someone had reported it, or staff themselves had flagged it to be changed. The reason was nudity.

I can understand. Standards are standards. The concept of what is and what is not adult content is a fine line and dependent on the viewer. In the case of a site it is the web writer/ producer who decides where the line falls.

However, it dos get annoying when the standards are not the same across the site. I found this post today, originally posted in 2011. It’s a longer post, far more written content than mine. Of course, mine was an art gallery rather than a discussion. Still, isn’t nudity nudity? How did this post escape the censors? Was it given preference because it’s longer, had more comments?

That doesn’t work for me. So, I flagged it. Let’s see what happens.

In the case of my own post, I took it off the site and loaded it here.

The Best Kept Secret of Figure Drawing: The Open Session.

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