Sex in a Public Place?

On a survey they asked: Have you ever had sex in a public place?

I wrote:

In front of the huge balcony window which is on the second level of the building, facing the main street in town. It’s such a great sunny window in the apartment. Sometimes we would lie on the floor together there, nude or scantily clad, in the sunny window. I know people could see in, if they happened to look.

I don’t get a thrill from being seen or being exposed but I do like the feeling of doing something a little bad. In the evening, with just dim lighting in the apartment I like to flash my boobs at him, knowing someone could be seeing me on the street but mostly I like how he reacts and gets embarrassed or tells me someone will see me. I’m really straight laced, a good girl type. It’s funny how aroused I get from my little sexual misdeeds.

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