How and in what way do you exert your control?

The question was: How and in what way do you exert your control?

My answer:

The simplest answer is that control is understood. But, that leaves out all the fun and interesting parts.

A D/s relationship is about consent being understood, a given. After that there are the fine points about how far things will go. But, the consent is a given which means I have the power in my hands. I can use tools, words, bondage, mental bondage, etc to confirm, enforce or enjoy having that power but, one of the best things is using whatever I like to enjoy having that power of consent.

I’m fairly creative. I have fun designing scenarios. I like domestic discipline with spanking, collar, leash and teasing and torment. I like the plan of having a sub in bondage, wearing a blindfold and being subject to my whims. Maybe a lot of sensual touches, maybe tickling, maybe the suspense of being ignored awhile. I like elements of Gor too, with a male submissive who has strict rules for behaviour, how to sit, when to sit, what to wear, etc. I love bringing in all sort of elements from BDSM, and other sources of inspiration. I do know that I am not into messy stuff like diapers, pee or poo play.

Control can be exerted with a whisper, a soft touch or the crack of my hand on a bare ass cheek. Control can be exerted from having a sub perform a spelling bee, having a sub lie in the snow while I pose and photograph him, a strict voice (my ten year old niece calls me a dragon because I control the kids with just my voice and the rare swat on the ass).

So the short answer is that control is assumed, but there is far more to it. I would say that a sub who tried to be too disobedient would not work out for me. I like the sub squirming in bondage but if he were bucking my authority the authority would just be gone and so would I. I won’t put up with a sub who thwarts my authority or acts like this is all a game. There are a few rules but there are rules.

3 thoughts on “How and in what way do you exert your control?”

  1. Ever right or condone books/articles about Male led D/s? Love it when sexist piece of shit like you try to make it sound like your not sick perverts by trying to make it sound like you support consensuality. If it IS about that and fun, then it’s you won’t mind Us doing it to your miserable,lousy only good for one thing species will you? Bet you haven’t got the guts to submit to bondage yourself, have you? Typical arrogant whore, all wind and piss. Hope you get cancer you useless cunt.

    1. Wishing cancer on people you don’t even know is a bit too much, Jeremy. I noticed you have sent similar comments to several other women bloggers recently. I’m tracking you down online – so far I’ve found TalkTalk based in Manchester, UK. If that doesn’t turn out to be your ISP… I can just keep looking. Meanwhile, wonder what they will think about your comments and your lack of control.

  2. I have been on the other side. My husband and I were male led D/s. I was also molested by a pervert in a movie theatre when I was 12. I’d count that too, especially as your sort of male led D/s seems to be on that same level.

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