A Proposal Planner?

» Blog Archive » Would You Marry A Guy Who Used A Proposal Planner?.

On one side… doesn’t he know you well enough to do it himself? On the other side… why not have some help?

Do you remember being proposed to? I don’t, because I was the one who proposed. It was over the phone and more of a now or never thing. I was at the bus station with all my luggage and was told I was attempting to cross the border as an illegal alien. So I phoned and told him I wasn’t coming and didn’t want to live like a nomad any longer. We started the immigration and marriage procedure from there. Trust me, it was a procedure.

Anyway, I would have liked being proposed to. Something romantic and yet practical. Not too showy. I’d prefer privacy and intimacy to billboards and jumbo viewing screens.

All that aside, what a great job Proposal Planner would be? If you were already an Event Planner you could take up Proposal Planner on the side. Simpler than planning a wedding and all that chaos.

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