Originally posted to Sex Kitten (2003 – 2004)

Do you handle your stress or does it handle you? I’ve found a way to do both, to my satisfaction.

Stress should be spelt with a few zeds, it’s just that kind of word. Trendy geek types have been adding zeds to words like crackz, hackerz and warez. But, they missed strezz.

How do you handle strezz? Do you throw things, yell at people or take it out on other people in more random ways? My Dad handled strezz by abusing his family. I have tried not to be that way. Maybe I’ve tried too hard. I’m not aggressive enough. I don’t really go after things as hard as I could cause I don’t want to be pushy or step on toes.

How do I handle strezz? Sometimes I hit inanimate objects. When the trunk of my car slammed into my head the other day I retaliated by slamming my hand into it. Then I chose my next strezz handling option, crying. I cried all the way into the house. Then I started my next strezz handlation, denial. The next day I was over it but for a very sore head and bruises on my wrist. Denial works, sort of, it keeps everything from swallowing me up. If I really thought about everything I think I would just sink into some dark abyss and never been seen again.

My best strezz handlation (sure that’s a word!) is orgasm. In bed at night, if I’m not so tired I fall asleep before I have an orgasm, that’s where I beat strezz. None of the other options really work but strezz orgasms aren’t always available. You can’t have a strezz orgasm at work. I guess you could go into the public washroom but some part of my mind wonders about security cameras and those jerks who set up spy cameras to later sell upskirt and other (not illegal apparently) pictures on the Internet.

In the end the best time to relieve strezz for me is late at night. After I’ve dealt with email, family and work in general. It’s quiet, dark, the bed is comfortable and I’m by myself. It’s nice to be alone in the dark. No one making demands or expecting anything from me. Just me, my clit and my fingers. I don’t need anything else but now and then I add a toy, filler literally. I don’t know why it is that every now and then I just want something inside me. It doesn’t give me a better orgasm or make me orgasm any sooner. It’s just a needful thing, the odd time. Usually, I just stroke my clit. I know exactly how to do it, I have plenty of practice.

I started when I was a kid, not even a teenager. Back then I didn’t know why I did it and I stopped long before having an orgasm. It was years before I let that happen, I had no idea what it was or if I wanted it to happen. Curiousity led me to it. During one of my fantasies I just kept going past the point I usually stopped at. Those orgasms weren’t nearly as good as the ones I have now. They were ok.

These days my orgasms are long and drawn out. I think I could make it last forever, or until my fingers got too tired. I’ve found if I rub my clit very slowly right after the first barely there rush of the orgasm the thing just goes on forever, not finishing, just hanging in there till I remove my fingers. It’s good. Then, strezz released along with other things, I go to sleep. Nights when I can’t sleep I have an orgasm too. If I curl up and get comfortable right after it always works. As an added plus, on really cold nights an orgasm warms the bed up too.

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