Be an Off Centre Sex Blogger

No one can stand reading about just sex all the time. More importantly for me, I can’t just write about sex, BDSM and fetishes all the time. It gets dull and monotonous. Sex bloggers need to be more than sex bloggers, they need to write about sex in an off centre way.

Sex bloggers need to write about other things, have off shoot interests to keep things interesting and give them space to write about other interests and passions. You can usually find a way to connect just about anything to sex, but that isn’t enough.

One reason so many sex blogs fizzle and die is the lack of interest in maintaining a site which is so one dimensional and one sided. So, don’t be afraid to bring in other things you love and care about. Make yourself more interesting, more readable and more human too.

Bring your own personality into your sex blog. If you love sparkly things, like holiday jewelry, post about something great you found. I used to and then I pinned myself into a bit of a corner here, got tired of it and stopped posting for awhile. That’s what happens when you write for your readers and stop bringing yourself into it.

You need to write what you love, or at least get excited about in one way or another.

corset and lilies


This art comes from the Etsy shop: LadyLauraArt

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