Online Dating is Pretty Is Dead

 But real people, real friends, and real life are worlds more complex than everything these apps (and their infinite cousins) attempt to imitate. When “real life” is peppered with men at bars raising their fists to you; or male friends slinging pick-up lines that will never work before your eyes; or the knowledge that no space is purely safe for a woman to just be, we can’t rely on robotic dating apps to sort and harmonize our relationships with men. But it’s not totally the apps’ fault: we have to wonder what’s wrong with the men.

via – Tinder Is Dead.

I’ve never used Tinder. I really just added the conclusion to the post because I had to post the screen capture of that one part of the post. It is her re-post of something a man sent her on Tinder. Online dating seems pretty futile on a good day but something like this… it has to make you laugh (or cry later when you think it might be okay to be alone after all).

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