How do you Recycle your Period Pads?

In September, Elonë Kastratia noticed a tweet with a powerful statement:

The message got Kastratia thinking. And with International Women’s Day being celebrated March 8, she decided to print that feminist message and a few others on sanitary napkins and post them on traffic signs all over Karlsruhe, Germany, where she lives.

via Woman Slaps Period Pads All Over Her Town For A Very Important Reason.

Each time the commercial for adult pee pads comes on they ask “How will you recycle your period pads?” It really aggravates me every time I hear it. The women in the commercial are younger than I am. I still have my period, every month. Up to now I’ve only had one answer for their recycling question. (It’s a bit bloody so I won’t share it here).

Ironic that this use for period pads fits in so well with the recycling question. Men don’t like to talk or hear about women’s menstruation. Why should they? It has nothing to do with them, right?

Anyway, when I get to the point of being able to recycle my period pads in some other way (other than attaching it to my underwear and bleeding on it) I hope I remember this idea.


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