Talking About Period Underwear

And trust me – I’ve looked up period panty kickstarters and brands, but then I’m like, “so I’m just going to pay a ton of money for period underwear that’s PRETENDING to be normal underwear?” I cannot be someone who I’m not. I cannot NOT wear period underwear, you know? It’s now a part of WHO I AM (at least once a month).

On the bright side (and there’s always a bright side) my dingy once-a-month panties (which, I must say, have withstood the test of time) make me grateful for my cute underwear. As they say, there’s always a silver (panty) lining.

via Can we talk about period underwear?.

One of the good things about having an adult site is being able to talk about things you wouldn’t talk about anywhere else. I could create a writing prompt for the idea of period underwear but I can’t see myself posting it on any site but here. So, here it is.

My period underwear is actually white. It’s also stained, with holes and some of them have elastic sticking out from the waistband (damn Fruit of the Loom for cheapness!). White works better, I think, because I can mercilessly bleach them. Blood doesn’t wash out that well, you know.

Of course, they are cotton. Man-made fabrics don’t breathe, may cling to you more than you want and some of them even trap in smells which you really don’t want at that time of the month.

What’s your period underwear like?

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